Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Impersonation of Public Officials

We already know that Ravalli Co. Sheriff commit crime like tampering with evidence.  What you didnt know is that every public official in Hamilton, MT and in Ravalli Co. Montana is impersonating a public official.

Thre reason is extremely simple.  Hamilton claims falsely that they are incorporated in 1894 and even put it on their offcial "seal".  The problem is, Hamilton MT cannot have an official seal, because it is not an incorporated city.  If Ravalli Co. was started by the legislature in 1893, Hamilton needed to be an incorporated seat before then.  They werent by their own public seal.

The Official Map of Hamilton, MT
by certified seal of the Ravalli County Clerk
[no paperwork exists for the lawful incorporation in 1894]

click on map for explanation.
Those dumbasses dont ever need to mutter a word to try to defend themselves.  Impersonating a public official is a felony crime.

Everyone in Ravalli County and the City of Hamilton are felons, actual felons.  As long as they are on public payroll it is also public fraud.  This crime is the #1 priority of the FBI, you know the agency that has to have TV sitcoms pretend that they are helping people.  Because they dont.

Not one thing is legitimate in Ravalli Co.  A student practiced law 5 years ago in a County Court that doesnt exist, and she did not have a Bar license.  Steve Bullock running for Governor of Montana used public funds to protect Angela Wetzsteon, the law student in 2007 who is now graduating to impersonation of a public official from perjury to a state official as Bar Licesnsed.

Wetzsteon's training ground: Montana Law School.

So if you are thinking of taking that post docrorate job at RML for microbiology, look into the fact that the NIH facility has no onsite federal safety facility other than Yahoo safety managers.  Ask youself if you want to dip yourself into the biggest corruption America has seen in Hamilton, MT.

Infectious Agent accident at RML Hamilton:

Google the Montana US President letter, originating from Hamilton MT in 2009.  Ask youself if you want to live in a place where law does not matter, just who you are loyal to.

Example of law not mattering in Hamilton, MT

Want proof of all this.  Visit my Youtube channel at

Hamilton, MT: a place who wonders why no body wants to live there.  Millions of people know why.
Now you do too.

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