Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daly Days a BUST

Hamilton, MT (AP*)--The Annual Daly Days was celebrated in Hamilton, MT this past weekend, except that no one gives a crap about the areas history.  Attendance was dismal, and the area gets hyped for their "roots" that come from the Daly family.

Marcus Daly, owner of the Anaconda Mining Co. in Butte Montana built a house in Hamilton, now a state historic site called the Daly Mansion.  The remnants of the Daly's are quite active in Hamilton, why here is Marcus's great grand-daughter at work:

Kristina Bessenyey is no longer let out of the office
after this October 4, 2011 gaffe.

Over a thousand people have seen how Americans are abused just by this video.  The Local paper, Lee Enterprises touts her as a hero.  This is a real Hamilton hero.

When millions of people read the Montana US President letter, do you think they want to visit as police and judicial abuse seep from this place?  They wonder why no one came to Daly Days.  It is because Americans get abused by their own local governments.

They wonder why everyone is packing U-haul vans faster than they can arrive.  It is because of the abuse of the taxpayers here. 

our letter from 2009 saying there is no civil rights in Hamilton, MT:

Kicking Hamilton's ass.  They thought they were so tough beating up on the people who actually pay for their services.  Too bad it is a crime: impersonating public officials, public fraud.
Dont ask, dont tell.

These people in Hamilton MT have cooked their own goose, and are just smelling the soup.

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