Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kick Mat Stevenson in the Balls.

Mat Stevenson of Big Sky Legal Missoula Montana is a surfer.  Stevenson is a surfer because he likes to hear himself talk in a courtroom.  Dont fund Matt Stevenson of Big Sky Legal with funds, because he will surf you case as the judge, or county attorney wants it.  Mathew Stevenson has no legal skills.

Matt likes to think he has a cool ability in the courtroom, he'll seem cool as a cat in consultation with you.  Mathew Stevenson of Big Sky Legal will sell your mothers cat to pay for his office space in Missoula.  Mat Stevenson is so arrogant that he ran for State House and got his ass handed to him.  The State of Montana is only willing to deal with Stevenson only so much.

So as a former client who lost 5years of his career as Mathew Stevenson lost his partner due to how he treated me.  So Mat Stevenson Missoula Montana flies solo.  He is so wrapped up in his own "success" he does not count on KARMA, the forces of equilibrium that are now kicking Mathew Stevenson of Big Sky Legal in the balls.

It hurts to get kicked in the balls.  I just decided to take another kick at Mathew Stevenson.  He deserves a lot more than a kick in the balls.  I wonder how it feels to know your lawyer skills suck, you went to the WORST law school in the country, and have to suck corrupt ass to make rent.  That and play cool customer with perspective clients to Big Sky Legal Missoula MT.

[US News world report: UM law Missoula 145/145]

Mathew Stevenson had me turn myself in for protecting my property from a drunk intruder who was warned by the Sheriff Dept. and myself to leave (within a foot of my living room window after 10 pm).  Mathew Stevenson needed $5000 for that "crime".

I watched Mathew Stevenson in action.  No delivery to a jury, just the motions of being a lawyer.  Find some other dirtbag other then Matt Stevenson BigSky Legal Missoula MT to represent you if you are dumb enough to get a DUI in Montana.  Its all a racket, and Mathew Stevenson plays like a champ.

Tell Mathew Stevenson that you dont want your ass handed to you, like his other victims.  DUI or not, find a better attorney than Mathew Stevenson of Big Sky Legal.  Do yourself another favor and leave Missoula and Montana altogether.  Tax dollars is what fuels the corruption Mat Stevenson surfs.

Mat Stevenson needs to suffer, and it is not up to me or you, its coming motherfucker.
compared to a kick in the balls Mat, what you will be getting is far worse.  Your whole career its been a grin and a wink.  Most people could not live like that.

Mat Stevenson does.  Dont forget to kick him in the balls, or understand he has no legal skills, but superb ass kissing skills of corrupt old men.

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