Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, PhD

"Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, PhD, (NIH) employee hired from Sweden, a tick
expert, microbiologist who in 1982, after public notice of
debilitating arthritic complaints of children in public schools in
Lyme CT noticed suffering complications of chronic late-stage Lyme
, left untreated, "the most pathological, elusive and stealthy
bacteria known to man, a spirochete corkscrew bacteria (similar to
Syphilis) that screws it way into major organs - the brain, eyes,
heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tissues, muscles and joints - a known
cause of acquired immunodeficiency disease (AIDS), (ADD, ADHD) and
Autism spectrum disorders  -a leading epidemic known causing more pain
and suffering than congestive heart failure, Asian Flu and (HIV/AIDS)

(Conspiracy theory, spread by infected ticks released into environment
by deer, birds and other vectors from Plum Island Biowarfare Lab) near
Lyme CT, after Cold War, under German Nazi control, then for Big
Pharma, Insurance and Managed Health Care profit and  population

Dr. Willy Burgdorfer (still alive, approx. age 87, resident of
Hamilton approx. (4) blocks from (NIH)) in 1982 reported discovery of
pathological spirochete bacteria Lyme disease, then named after him
(borrelia burgdorferi.)

I met Dr. Willy Burgdorfer (and his wife, who said "Lyme disease
almost killed me.")
Lyme and associated co-infections nearly killed myself, and my
children, after tick bites, left untreated, known passed
'transplacentally' during pregnancy and breastfeeding, causing chronic
debilitating illness, miscarriages, and nearly death of myself, and
two children after birth.)

Dr. Willy Burgdorfer was honorary guest speaker at 2008 and 2009
International Lyme/Assoc. Disease Scientific Conferences, Philadelphia
and San Francisco, I attended.

Informed he and wife of repeated negligent, incompetent and reckless
misdiagnoses in MT w/ coverup by and thru (HIPAA) violations, w/
unlawful (ADA) Discrimination/victimization(injury), Abusive
Harassment and Malicious Retaliation with Civil And Human Rights and
Property Abuses, with wife beatings, unlawful taking of: life, liberty
and property abuses, unlawful taking of assets, personal, and real
property abuses, health care, public transportation, and disability
rights under (ADA) federal law, while and since victims of domestic
violence under our OOP for wife beatings, assault, battery, emotional
and financial abuse by Randy, "You are just brainwashing and
snowballing doctors to think you and the girls have any tick borne
diseases.  If you go to any Specialists, you are just continuing to
brainwash and snowball doctors, I will go file for a divorce.  Get
your asinine ass off the Internet and quit trying to be a policewomen
and catching everything going around. I hope you didn't spend $2,000
getting Lyme disease and other related tests done, that would have
been a crock of a waste of money. Just because you are a RN you think
you know more than the doctors do. You are not allowed to come back to
the house with the girls and I. I am coming to take away the girls
from you.  You are just totally nuts and crazy and continuing to
brainwash and snowball doctors just because you think our property is
infested with ticks. Montana doesn't even have Lym disease.  You and
the girls don't have any  tick borne diseases. You need to go out and
support yourself like everyone else."

By the courts, while and since under care of referred out of state
Specialists and "referred" and "warranted" Adult and Pediatric Univ.
Medical Centers,suddenly "intentionally" forced "Indigent" and
"Homeless" while "myself, and my "very, very sick" two minor
daughters' after tick bites w/ negligent, incompetent and reckless
misdiagnos(es) of life-threatening neurological, cardiac and
hemorrhagic complications of tick borne diseases vasculitis, bacterial
encephalitis-encephalopathy, optic neuritis, carditis, respiratory
distress, gastrointestinal pain, liver hematoma, kidney
infections,muscle and joint arthritis, bursitis, neuritis and other,
after progressive untreated late-stage Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,
Erhlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia (similar to malaria)
and Mycoplasma fermentens - life-threatening tick borne disease(s)
never reported in Montana, the only state in the entire nation without
reported cases - thus, with rights to claim with no Montana competent
and qualified tick born diseases health providers.

Across state lines, while under care of International Lyme/Associated
Diseases literate Specialists and referred Adult and Pediatric Univ.
Medical Centers denied rights under The US Interstate Commerce Act and
(ADA) Federal law -

Denied Miranda Rights, "Service" by Sheriff, w/ unlawful taking of:
life, liberty and property (w/ police power by the state.)  Denied
rights of "Service" of Divorce Summons - w/ Extortion (by US mail,
faxes and telecommunications across state lines) for (Mary's) (now
Plaintiffs') money, personal and real property -  for Defendants'
private, commercial, local and state negligent, incompetent, reckless
and abusive services, bribes, personal, commercial kickbacks,
incentives and profits, self-gain -

With Treason (without jurisdiction under (ADA) of 1973, 1990, 2008,
Title I, III, III, V (w/ Retaliation, intimidation, threats, and
coercion), Section (504), IDEA and FERPA Federal Law - after wife
beatings, unlawful taking of assets, personal and real property,
unlawful taking of children, health care rights and disability rights,
with discriminatory, retaliatory and punitive arrest, jailed and
hauled to a state-locked Mental Hospital with ongoing threats of
solitary confinement and criminal prosecution up to a Felony -"

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