Friday, June 15, 2012

First Security Bank

First Security Bank does not want your business.  Even when a business customer returns after abuse and paid fines for a bank error, the bank feels that money is still owed.  Even when the account posts a zero balance.

What dumb asses.

The vice president and president of the bank made mis-statements about "owning money" to the bank on a "charged-off account".  No First Security employee took all the fees (for their mistake) from me in 2009. 

When the collections Deptartment hands you a bank check to end an account, does that mean that the customer owes more money to First Security Bank?  I never knew people with their heads so far up their asses in my life.  Wrong me twice First Security Bank.

Now you will loose potential customers too.

So this is how we create jobs in Ravalli County Montana?  When a person needs to start a business account, they get thrown out like they are black, or inflicted with elephantitus?

A confirmation call was made today to collections at First Security Bank.  Sure enough, the fees assessed from a First Security Bank error were paid.  Three years later, these employees of the bank cannot figure out to call in, or look up what actually happened.

Fist Security Bank--we treat you like crap once, then we treat you like crap again (all while being wrong all together).

So if you are computer illiterate, have no customer service skills, or professional skills then please come work in Hamilton, MT at the Fist Security Bank.  We don't know what the heck we are talking about, and we don't admit error, and we don't allow people who we have mistreated in the past to open an account.

Fist Security Bank.  No business is good business.

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