Sunday, June 17, 2012

"More on the Montana corrupt politics case ..." Money Talks, that is just how it is. Ravalli Count Montana and Lincoln County are on the Top of the List for Montana Corruption.

"Published on Jan 6, 2012 01:00PM
High court stood up for disclosure - Helena (Mont.) Independent-Record Editorial
... Money talks, and pretending otherwise isn’t realistic. But it’s not unreasonable to want to temper its voice to some leveling extent — and more importantly, to know who’s really doing the talking. We applaud the Montana Supreme Court for upholding a century-long attempt to give the people the strongest voice in state politics.
Montana history supports court's anti-corruption ruling - Billings (Mont.) Gazette Editorial
... The corrupting influence of unlimited political spending was outrageously demonstrated by William A. Clark, another copper king, who literally bought a U.S. Senate seat three times — twice by bribing state legislators, who back then elected U.S. senators, and once by getting appointed by the lieutenant governor after the U.S. Senate refused to seat him. ...
State gets it right again on corrupt practices ruling - Great Falls (Mont. ) Tribune Editorial
In the same way that the state of Montana could show the federal government a thing or two about balancing a budget, the state and its Supreme Court have gotten it right in terms of corporate financing of political speech. ..."

Source of Montana Corruption Post?

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