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Cell Phone Ban

The interesting part of this post, is that the legislation was CHANGED after this post was submitted to the weekly newspaper. Nothing like spite coming from the City that does not exist, Hamilton, MT. These officials sure know how to attract tourists, and keep them about a cell phone ban with possible jail time from our own NAZI judge Michael J. Reardon Hamilton City Court. As a former JAG marine lawyer, peaceful assembly does not exist in Hamilton, MT.
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Official Map of the city "incorporated" a year after Ravalli County created.

someone can explain to me how a county seat like Hamilton MT can be founded a year after the county was formed? It violates Montana Code Ann. MCA 7-2-2103.

The original legislation to ban cellphones in the "city" of Hamilton was going to make policy about emergencies for law enforcement and fire personnel. Now officials that have a problem with not tampering with evidence, watching porn, violating rights, acting negligently to the public are exempt from the law.

Example of Hamilton, MT Police disregard for the law.

Now the letter to the editor that will never be published---except on this blog network.

Buckle up and Pay---Hamilton MT cell phone ban.
Hamilton Cell Ban
I was reading the article about outlawing cellular phones in the May 23, 2012 edition while operating any vehicle within the City of Hamilton. Nowhere did Mr. Stranger, the unelected“special projects” director describe the accident rate, or beneficial purpose of legislation that outlaws speech on a cellular phone while operating any vehicle in our city.
The City of Hamilton has 3700 residents in approximately 2.8 sq. miles in RavalliCounty. The city law enforcement budget in 2009 was $1.2M or 10% of the city’s budget. As 15 police officers are tripping over themselves in Hamilton, along with 29 Sheriff Deputies, 15 NIH police, and several State Highway Patrol, State Fish Wildlife & Parks employees, how will it be determined if an“emergency situation” is underway in100 law enforcement, and fire response vehicles that operate in Hamilton? Those cell phones are genuinely glued to law enforcement ears for personal or official use at our cost since 2008; most 2 way communication could be picked up on scanner, so cell phones became the accepted practice for law enforcement communications.
With a computer, cell phone, two-way radio, a “duty belt”, and navigating through traffic, this “emergency” for law enforcement and fire personnel should require emergency lights for these officers and volunteers to be utilizing cell phones under this city ordinance. This legislation is not a special privilege for law enforcement to be exempt, or above the laws everyone else is required to follow.
Hamilton MT Police outside Jurisdiction
photo taken Februrary 23, 2012
unlawful arrest made outside jurisdiction.
How will the city ordinance affect business in the city of Hamilton? As commercial storefront vacancy rates rise, will a local law such as a cellular phone ban while operating a vehicle curtain business orders and business in general? Most likely the answer is yes. No more can the soccer mom make the call to a pizza restaurant, nor the rancher to the auto parts store while running errands in Hamilton. Business lost means less revenue, and loss of jobs. The City employees aren’t worried about that, they work off of our money.
The bottom line is the new legislation will not make anyone safer in the City of Hamilton, it will empower Hamilton Police andRavalli County Sheriff with two primary violation opportunities: seat belts and cell phones. The revenue generated from this law will not overcome the excessive cost for 15 police officers, as Hamilton requires less than 5. The cost of 10 additional officers at $570,000 is a much higher budget deficit than annoying out of state motorists. A $500 fine will leave them with a pleasant idea: they’ll never come back to the City of Hamilton, Montana again.
Did this “special project” include signage for visitors at the North & South end of US 93 as it enters the city? Perhaps HPD or RCSO can catch David Letterman, oh that’s right Mr. Letterman told a world audience about his experience here. He’s not the only one. So driving while in Hamilton (DWIH) involves buckle up, shut up; and now pay.
Editorial about the cell phone ban from Hamilton MT by Michael Spreadbury

Post Publication add: Hamilton MT Police have run into buildings after parking in front of them.  Why dont we let them talk on cell phones and drive !

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