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Some Intel on Spreadbury

[Affidavit of Steve Bullock's threat to livelihood on this post]

Here are a few documents to put out some defamatory falsehoods about Michael Spreadbury of Hamilton, Montana. Spreadbury was issued a "Public Trust" National Security Clearance for FEMA in Jan. 2008.
[scroll down to see whole page]

people who were issued national security clearances, don't commit crime, even when it is known they can.

Michael Spreadbury is a victim of Montana Corruption: the Supreme Court, with Justice Cotter, the wife of the US Attorney making opinion that the court would not uphold their own order.

The Wetzsteon/Corn case was remitted, meaning it will be loss yet:
[or so I thought...paperwork trickery from the Supreme Court]

see info on Montana AG Steve Bullock's FORMER prosecutor George Corn at

Steve Bullock used public funds to protect Wetzsteon AND has the guts to run for Governor of Montana while violating Montana Ethics Rule 5.5, and committing the #1 prority of the FBI
(Unauthorized Practice & the FBI #1 Criminal priority: public fraud)

Did we mention this issue was also being decided in a Federal Court--outside of the justice filled state of Montana?
Appeal is in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in SF, Calif.

--Criminal Conspiracy in Montana proecting Angela Wetzsteon:

Here's a favorite: lets just clear the air about speaking in public, and Michael Spreadbury being on probation, will an ORDER from a Montana Judge suffice?

Stayed means a judge had the strength to say, I'm going to put an end to this malarkey, The Honorable Karen S. Townsend.

"we're not here to arrest you"

unauthorized entry without reasonable suspicion
"Welcome to Steve Bullock's Montana"

see scene from Legends of the Fall
its a dead ringer for Steve Bullock running for Governor

kind of looks like Bullock too, doent it?
Montana Has not changed much

Steve Bullock refuses to discipline law enforcement in Montana who committ crime:
entry by Montana Probation Officer WITHOUT resonable suspicion
in violation of Montana Probation policy P&P 60-1(A), wrtiten contract with household

Here is a certificate when the Denver area had a snow emergency, Michael Spreadbury was there, won a production award (that means he was ranked #2 at EM-3270-CO for writing up damage reports for Hospitals, Non-Profits, Road Departments, and others (he helped his team simplify the project write up for the Denver International Airport, DIA)
This one, not many can beat--not even Steve Bullock, Attorney General who protects criminals, commits public fraud in Montana. Michael Spreadbury was issued an EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE award for solving an engineering/geology aspect of a national disaster that was an issue between the agency, and the municipality involved (and Spreadbury turned down $2.5M in fraudlent requests)
less than 1% of FEMA personnel receive this award. FEMA had over 5,000 people in 2007.

The people who are attempting to discredit Michael Spreadbury need to put a sock in it, and Steve Bullock needs to understand his political career is over for threatening Spreadbury's job with FEMA and his house in 2007.

(this is all in a sworn affidavit, so here it is.)
More evidence with Affidavit support:
NOTE: For the 2011 RECALL of Stevel Bullock, Montana Attorney General view:

With the public fraud by defending Angela Wetzsteon a law student who prosecuted without a license or supervision, George Corn the responsible party (the blue page above) Steve Bullock should not be trusted with public funds (and should be criminally investigated).

$14M in public fraud for not helping victims of Zyprexa non-perscribed use in Montana----Elli Lilly 2007 lawsuit.

Michael Spreadbury indicated to The Montana Dept. of Envirn. Quality of the massive submerged timber to be found on state property, abandoned and therefore Montana Property in 2005. This came to $37.5M in resources to the state.
[in comparison, Bullock made the state $13M for a Zyprexia lawsuit settlement, and stole $4M for his state law enforcement]

Milltown Dam Blackfoot River Bonner, MT
Half million board feet, $75/BF in 2005 dollars.....

Did we mention Spreadbury graduated with a degree in Geological sciences from 35th ranked Lehigh University??
[and attended the University of Montana Education School]

Spreadbury in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness--Montana 8,000ft above sea level

NEWSFLASH: Bloomberg News reports state gets $50M from use of State owned Riverbeds for Hydroelectric dams....add this to the Spreadbury "gift" to Montana:
Note: State of Montana CLUELESS about ownership of river bottoms as I talked to Department of Environmental Quality in 2005. Amazement came over the phone from the Directors office. This is not a groundless ploy to take credit. I dont want it...I want constitutional rights for the citizens of the State of Montana, and to reward respectful law enforcement that serve the people of Montana.

What a treasure Spreadbury is for the "Treasure State", unless you are a Montana Attorney General, then it is important to defame him, charge him in violation of Constitutional Oath; did we mention Montana is ranked 48th in the nation for justice (Nov. 2007 USDOJ) don't you think anything can be made to speaking in public as a felony??

....Play the "FIND MY THREAT" game:
can YOU find probable cause for a threat?
Steve Bullock promoted prosecutors who did....

Montana Attorney General, such SHAME:

We just wont talk about how the US Government should shut down all federal funds to the State of Motnana, [Due to not upholding our Constitutional rights]let's see how well they fight their annual forest wildfires without the federal government.

The State of Montana needs to get rid of Steve Bullock, and thank Michael Spreadbury for everything he has uncovered, including the corruption in Montana.

2009 US President letter:requesting civil rights
[ten million of viewers over 2 years]

Bitterroot Rising Justice archive: American Hell in MT

Steve Bullock's threat from 2007 has been made good, not only have I lost my career with FEMA, I have lost my ability to work altogether: I am disabled.


Please check the correct box in November 2012--Not For STEVE BULLOCK.

---End of Case file on Michael Spreadbury, Hamilton Montana---

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