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Actual message sent to NIH directors, city/county officials, and others....

Dear NIH Rocky Mountain Labs
Hamilton, MT

It came to my attention that Ravalli County Commissioners get "training money" to train volunteer firemen in Ravalli County and Hamilton Montana to show up for a 21st century NIAID infectious laboratory within the City of Hamilton, Montana. This city does not lawfully exist via incorporation, which nullifies Ravalli County Montana as a government using Hamilton as a county seat (see Montana code reference below).

Hamilton is annexed to Missoula Co. September 4, 1890
This is a 2 minute video of the OFFICIAL Plat Map.
Map shows Hamilton is in Missoula County Montana

Proof via official document that City of Hamilton is a FRAUD.

It also has come to my attention that Hamilton Police and Ravalli County Sheriff were granted for $200,000 under critical infrastructure for COOP [continuity of operations (in emergency)] due to being in proximity to the NIH/NIAID Rocky Mountain Lab facility in Hamilton, MT (by way of an newspaper article link below). See the November 2, 2011 article:

I made FEMA aware that the city of Hamilton has never lawfully incorporated as admitted by Mayor Jerry Steele in public meeting August 2009 during filming of "Beneath the Beauty" documentary [available ]. Montana Code indicates in MCA 7-2-4101 to 7-2-4105 that certain items are public record of incorporation, and Hamilton does not have these required items. A certified plat map of Hamilton indicates the city was annexed to a county to the North, Missoula Co. on September 4, 1890, without incorporation since. Ravalli County Clerk Regina Plettenberg does not have record of lawful incorporation for Hamilton, MT.

My complaint # C1205622 is lodged with DHS FEMA's OIG for the $200,000 grant to a local government subdivision which does not lawfully exist (Hamilton, Ravalli Co.) The monies from DR-1340-MT the year 2000 wildfires should be investigated and returned to FEMA due to local government unlawful status.

The law for excluding Ravalli Co. due to non-incorporation of the county seat (Hamilton) is Montana Code Ann. MCA 7-2-2103. This is to indicate to the NIH that giving monies to volunteers to fight infectious agents at Hamilton, MT is fraud, endangerment of citizens, and wrong on several levels [a disgrace to government scientists].

FRAUD at Rocky Mountain Labs article by Michael Spreadbury/Crystal Cox bloggers

It is hoped that Hamilton will follow suit of Bethesda who has a NEW fully operational fire and Haz mat, rescue facility on the NIH campus. See site at link below:

The city of Hamilton cannot respond to the lab unless life or property is threatened, from State statutes for volunteer fire. Monies from NIH to city or county governments is a fraudulent transaction, including water supply to RML to wash bubble suits. Sound fraud measurements of February 2, 2011 written up in report February 11, 2011 defrauded the public of accurate sound emissions coming from the NIH RML facility. RML is currently endangering the health of proximity residents of the Hamilton facility by way of low frequency noise (headaches, added stress, blood pressure, depression, more). The directors of RML/NIAID are encouraged to save the funds given to local governments, and build a federal fire/haz-mat protection facility on RML in Hamilton, MT, in addition to engineering sound structures to contain the RML emissions to a standard that does not affect the health of local taxpaying Americans.

At this time, NIH has not covered for its liabilities in the Hamilton MT area. Giving monies to local non-existent governments contributes to the fraud, and endangerment of American citizens near and working within the RML facility.

Michael Spreadbury

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