Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HPD enters Federal Property.

The Hamilton Police force in Hamilton Montana were invited to enter federal property at the Rocky Mountain Labs to serve a warrant.  This information comes from a Bethesda, MD information officer from the National Institutes of Health due to the Public Affairs employee, Ken Pekoc refusing to give information as to why these Hamilton Police vehicles were parked on federal property.

February 23, 2012
Rocky Mountain Labs --Federal Property Hamilton Montana USA

The question is: do the Hamilton Police Department have lawful authority to make an arrest on federal property?  The answer quickly is no.

1) The city limits do not include the Rocky Mountain Labs.

2) The city of Hamilton MT does not exist due to no incorporation documents available.

Official Map of the City of Hamilton Montana
shows city was annexed to Missoula County in 1894

Even in the NIH police "invite" the Hamilton Montana Police to execute a warrant, it is not their jurisdiction.  The NIH police have trouble with staying in their own jurisdiction:

Just as any person cannot invite someone else to commit an unlawful act, the law enforcement cannot request another law enforcement agency to act unlawfully.  There is no power to ask a law enforcement agency to serve a warrant outside of their jurisdiction, perhaps the NIH police, and the HPD need to figure out on a map where they are.   Unfortunate for Hamilton Montana Police, they do not have any jurisdiction anywhere.

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