Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rocky Mountain Lab dangerous

NIH endangers public at Montana Facility

One of the 27 NIH facilities in the United States is violating their Mission Statement, breaching scientific integrity, and committing scientific fraud to cut corners on safety and health where infectious agents (substances without a cure) are studied.

Video on Accident at NIH Montana facility

The NIH Mission Statement ensures trust to the American people and upholding the most scientific integrity in their work:

NIH’s mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce the burdens of illness and disability. [they are actually endangering American's health in Hamilton, Montana]

The goals of the NIH agency are:

  • to foster fundamental creative discoveries, innovative research strategies, and their applications as a basis for ultimately protecting and improving health;
  • to develop, maintain, and renew scientific human and physical resources that will ensure the Nation's capability to prevent disease;
  • to expand the knowledge base in medical and associated sciences in order to enhance the Nation's economic well-being and ensure a continued high return on the public investment in research; and
  • to exemplify and promote the highest level of scientific integrity, public accountability, and social responsibility in the conduct of science.

Captured in a article that contains images, and details of the situation at the Rocky Mountain Lab (RML) facility in Hamilton Montana, NIH has completely violated their goals and mission to the public. World embarrassment is not enough for NIH who arrogantly continue as if they are the premiere scientific entity in the World. Perhaps if they did not endanger their own employees, and the public at NIH-RML in Hamilton Montana.

The resignation of Dr. Marshall Bloom Associate Director RML Hamilton Montana was requested due to catastrophic failure of planning for the health and safety of the expansion of the RML facility. In a wilderness location with only volunteer firemen, NIH elected to not provide any specialty emergency equipment or staging facility on the approximate 35 acre campus in Hamilton, Montana. RML enjoyed a 100 year relationship with the local community as Bio safety 2 laboratory; in May 2009 a Bio safety 4 laboratory was online in Hamilton, Montana.

Resignation request for Marshall Bloom of NIH Montana:

The recent RML expansion uses municipal water for NIH industrial processes, with 89% increased use with no added cost to NIH. Sixty (60) Million gal./yr are dumped into the Bitterroot River without any significant impact studied in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) produced by NIH. Local governments are paid to "train" volunteer firemen to show up to a highly specialized lab, although NIH officials have published that no resources from NIH tax revenue or otherwise enter local governments.

The process at RML creates Low Frequency Noise (LFN) which is harmful to humans. In a March 15, 2011 statement from RML public affairs in Hamilton, MT NIH is willing to "stand behind" the fraudulent data that intentionally lowered the sound emissions to the detriment of the public and NIH employees in Hamilton, Montana at Rocky Mountain Labs or RML.

Dangerous sound emissions at Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton, MT
[click arrow to play video]

Several NIH officials, including the office of the Director of NIH, NIAID director at NIH Dr. Anthony Fauci, Office of Research Facility services, NIH NEPA, and other offices have been contacted since 2007 about the safety and health problems associated with the NIH facility in Montana.

RML Associate Director Kelly Hudson wanted to rely on the "expert" Acoustics Engineer who was recently sanctioned for improperly using a Montana Professional Engineer licensure for work on the RML property. The NIH facility in Hamilton, Montana and the sound contractor conspired to defraud the public on actual damaging sound emissions from the facility known as Low Frequency Noise (LFN).
Note: readings at all four quadrants of the RML lab on February 2, 2011 indicated a consistent 20 db drop in noise signature from the facility---they turned down their output for the "tests".  This is known as scientific fraud BY the National Institutes of Health !

Readers are encouraged to call the office of the director NIH Bethesda and inquire about the cover up
on dangerous sound emissions at RML:

IMMEDIATE EXECUTIVE OFFICE (IMEO) National Institutes of Health
Building 2/Room 4E04
Bethesda, MD 20892
MSC 0205
Phone: (301) 594-8231
Fax: (301) 480-4269

While you are on the phone, ask why Postal Employees in Hamilton Montana stole the certified letter heading for Bethesda, and delivered an envelope in Hamilton, Montana with a gaping hole in it:

US MAIL delivery Hamilton MT
November 3, 2011 delivery to my residence
Boone Karlberg PC law firm Missoula, MT
[this is how the letter came to the house]

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