Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Chalk the Police Day - There is No Free Speech in Hamilton Montana, IN Hamilton you are Arrested for Chalking the Sidewalk

Look at Today's Headlines on Frustrated Citizens Chalking the Sidewalks, the Police and being arrested for this "Chalking

Chalking is Not Illegal - Cops Should Not Be above the Law - National Chalk the Police Day 

"Chalk the Police is a nation wide campaign to raise public awareness about policing issues.

Folks from all over the country will be heading out to their local police station(s) or parks (anywhere that’s public property) to advocate, in solidarity, police accountability.

The idea is to bring signs, fliers and (of course) chalk to their demonstration. While there ask folks passing by if they have something they’d like to say to the police. If they do, hand them some chalk – note, you should check the laws in your area about chalking public property (even though chalk doesn’t damage, some cops get angry over this).
This idea came to me, Ademo, after 8 people were arrested – myself included – for demonstrating outsidethe police station in Manchester, NH. Seems some police officers have forgotten what their jobs were intended for, keeping people safe. Not to target those who peacefully assemble after officers were cleared of beating a man."
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Hamilton Montana Police Bully, Harass and Arrest Private Citizens for Peaceful Protests of Chalk on the Sidewalk and Letters to Our President that they put in a public library that they did not even write. 

Police Should not Be Above the Laws they are Paid by YOU to UpHold.  It seems to me that the Police who do honor your Constitutional Rights, they are ran out of town, forced out of police work by the Good Ol' Boys.  Enough with Cops violating the law, make way for the Good Cops to protect and serve with honor by prosecuted the cops that violate the Constitutional Rights of Citizens. 

National Chalk the Police Day is a Great Way to Get Eyes on the Massive Problem that Cops who are paid to protect us are often the ones who are actually violating our rights. 

Stand Up for What you Know is Right.  Stand on the Right Side of the Law.
Demand Accountability and Transparency.

Police are Arresting People Everywhere for Chalking the Sidewalk, this is NOT a Crime

Find out More about National Chalk the Police Day

For More on the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Google Occupy Wall Street and Watch YouTube Videos, it is a Mass Movement to Let Bankers, Wall Street, Government Know that using Tax Payer money to fund the Elite and give no jobs, meanwhile spend money on more and more war and other countries issues while Americans suffer daily.

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