Listen you fat, ugly ass, lying  piece of shit.
Ive had all the bullshit Im going to take from you and your hoard of pot smokin, child abusing, mental midget, scum, deviant, buddies.
You have two choices, 1. Shut you fat lying mouth and leave me and my family alone or 2. pick up a gun and come get me!!
Bring Spreadbury Stramer and Mocko with you too!!!!!!!!
If you dont I will come after you and I will make sure you end up in jail, absolutely peniless and 100% homeless.
Plain enough for you dumbass? Now go fuck yourself and leave me alone!!
This is your last warning. "

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I am doing nothing, nor saying a word to Sean Boushie or his family.. he reads my blogs, sees his name in my stats and sends threats..