Monday, July 4, 2011

Web Stats - My Stalker Watching me from His Blackberry - FBI, Police DOES Nothing Still..

I am an Internet Marketing and Tracking Expert.. i study my stats daily as part of my job.. and I know how peolple search.. Sean Boushie is not on the University of Montana Payroll this weekend but he is looking at my posts on his hateful threatening emails to me and reading web stats.. the FBI will NOT listen, the University of Montana Police Does Nothing, Sheriff Chris Hoffman Does Nothing, Judge Robin Clute protects him.. Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy hides proof of Sean Boushie having access to the email that threatened to kill me and well no one does anything waiting for Sean Boushie to Kill Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox as he has threatened to do.. the Proof is easy and well if they admit it then their Wall of Corruption may come down so they continue to let my quality of life, my livilihood.. my life be the collateral damage in a war that had nothing to do with me..

here are some webs stats from ONE site today

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name:74-82-68-18.rdns.blackberry.netBrowser:BlackBerry
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:BlackBerry OS
Location:United StatesResolution:Unknown
Returning Visits:0Javascript:Disabled
Visit Length:Multiple visits spread over more than one dayISP:Research In Motion

Navigation Path

(No referring link)
18 Jun15:20:50
(No referring link)
23 Jun05:40:56
(No referring link)
23 Jun17:06:29
(No referring link)
4 Jul08:45:31

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