Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Constitutional Rights Are Gone in the State of Montana. Raids on Legal Marijuana Dispensaries in the Name of Justice.

Law Enforcement Above the Law 

Something Scary is Happening in Montana.  

As the Federal Government is Raiding Legal Medical Marijuana Growers and there is no Legal Reason.  They are simply coming into to people's live's and business's by force, above the law - total disregard for the Constitution and "We the People" Have to Shut up and Take it.  When the Law is Above the Law, Something Evil this Way Come that is for Sure.

This is Like the FDA raiding Herbalist that Sell Cancer Cures.  They don't want you to have the cure, they need to keep you sick to keep in business.  In Montana we have politicians like Baucus that pretty much work directly for the Big Drug Companies and the idea seems to be to STOP this rampant growth of people getting well.

In Colorado it is not Like This.  Montana is a State with No Constitutional Rights.

It is a Fight Against Natural Cures, it is to protect big drug companies and agendas to Keep you Sick, Keep you in Pain and Keep you In Control. This Montana Raid affects all US Citizens, it means you have no rights and whether your business is legal or not they will throw you to the ground, beat you, freeze your accounts, take your computers,

In The State of Montana, as Federal Agents Raid Legal Marijuana Growers, seemingly to protect big drug companies and big agendas - we as Montanans are left to wonder why this is allowed to happen.  You are a resident of Montana and you are tortured by your own government. No Legal Right, No Constitutional Rights But WILL do as they please and you have to pay their wages to do it.

Groups Such as Montana Family Foundation and others seem to want to Violate our Constitutional Rights, and send out constant emails on repealing the Medical Marijuana Laws in Montana. And promoting hate for people in Montana that are different then they are.  Why Can't we be live and let live?

I will Be Posting more Soon on this Story that is about so much more then Marijuana.  You have no Civil Rights, No Constitutional and No Human Rights in the State of Montana. If this can happen and it IS Happening in Montana Right Now, well there is nothing that they won't do to put you in your place...

These are State Legal Growers and MASS Raids in the STATE OF MONTANA.

These People, their Lives, their Money .. Guns Drawn Harassed - and a it is more then a Sad Day in Montana, it is a Sad day for the Nation as hope of having Constitutional Rights... well looking grim..

Time for a Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Government.  Time To Pray.

My Guess is these Law Enforcement Raiding these Montana Businesses are NOT a Part of Oath Keepers, as they are Violating the Constitutional Rights of These Victims.  However NOTE, by law in the State of Montana you are Not a Victim unless a Montana Court Says you are and that is NO matter what the Crime Against You.

In MONTANA we are being Shown Who is boss, and we are being shown that we have no choice but to be the sheep to the Federal Government even if we are not breaking the law, they own US.. and they are showing US... who is REALLY in Charge..

ALSO Note: 
YES we DO want FEDS Out of MONTANA !!!

Criminal Search Warrants on Legal Marijuana Growers.

Some Links to the Story

More coming Soon at my Blog on all this..

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