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"The Bend and Sunriver laughed in my face as they slandered me to the community.

I turn city and county police in for rape/crimes.  Here are a few.  Battleground WA police officer Monti Elford.  Went to high school with him and found out about his many high school rapes.  Monti is a prolific rapist.  Rumors or rape at gunpoint are common with Monti.  Wallowa County police chief Fred Steen.  Fred is a criminal.  His 3 sons have all committed rape. 

The community and even retired and active police admit to it.  Deputy Kevin McQuade is a known sex nut.  I was told about his affairs with married women and he braggs about getting oral sex by intimidating young women.  These are the most obvious crooks in law enforcement.  The Voice Stress Analysis must be used on all police and the victims must be encouraged/compensated to come forward.  No one can lie now.  The new generation of lie detectors work.........


      City and County Police are not scary.  They are employees.  Employees must work within parameters.  It is our responsibility and right to hold them accountable.  Police rape/crimes are common.  This letter is about the criminal city and county police officers.  We have many honest and dedicated city and county police.  The professionals are our State Troopers and Federal Agents.  
The truth technologies, VSA lie detector laptop and the eye/face lie detector seen on TV, will identify the criminals in law enforcement.  An FBI agent in Pendleton OR used it on me and then called my family to determine my situation was all a hoax about 2 yrs ago.  
The Enterprise State Patrol also found me innocent about a year ago.  The city and county police continue to lie.  This includes the Clark County WA , Sunriver, Bend , Wallowa County , LaGrande, and other police.  
                                                                                                                                                 My life has been threatened many times due to the family inheritance that I have never   been allowed to see.  Money is the motive to have me murdered.  

My oldest sister, Kathy Knudson, made many death threats to me so I put a restraining order on her when I was living in Deschutes Co. in 2003.  Then the youngest sister, Sharon Baker, was falsely accusing me of being a child molester.  I am not a child molester.  I saved Sharon ’s life when she was approx. 14 yrs old.  About 2006, case #06-5632 I drove 4 hrs to Clark County to meet with Officers Rick Buckner and David Trimble.  They did no investigation and proceeded to play Sharon ’s lie.  
I demand a psychological examination for these two intelligent officers.  No charges were filed so I cannot hire an attorney to clear my name.  It is all a police lie and they all know it.  
All family members admit it is a lie, so did the FBI and VSA lie detector.  It works.  On TV, I saw how the VSA was used to put Scott Peterson in prison.  He was accused of murdering his wife Lacy and unborn baby in the San Francisco area.
       There are few investigations if any, for police rape/crimes.  Internal investigations, standards boards, are there to protect the criminal police.  The sons, family, and friends of police also commit rape/crimes.  No accountability.  Police bravado will fade as they face the Truth Technologies.  
The Battleground WA police Chief was fired by the City Manager.  I approve of his decision.  It is long overdue to discipline our employees.  Could my letter “report all crimes” have had an influence? 
Due to the economy, our counties and cities will be in survival mode.  Criminal police are a huge liability.  Contact a Federal Agent to test every officer.  The VSA may be ordered online.  The Truth Technologies can change the entire legal system for the better.  
There are many intelligent, moral, unemployed people to take the place of our current officers.  The new police must agree to lie detector testing periodically.  
Honor our honest police, prosecute or fire the rest.                                                                                                                                                           It is vitally important victims of police rape, intimidation for sex, or other crimes, write letters to the following addresses.  I encourage all citizens to write letters.  Include dates, location, people involved, and all information that will help an investigator to do their job.  Make your letter short and to the point.  Ask or demand the White House to investigate or set up a task force, in case Federal Agents are too busy with other issues.  Once the Truth Technologies prove your claim then financial compensation should be provided from the police retirement fund.   
When the retirement fund becomes depleted, then the police will be motivated to police themselves.  Never lie or make false claims against the police officers.  Liars are not forgiven, this applies to all.  Protecting our honest police is a high priority.  An honest police officer should have no problem with an investigation.  We have the tools now to bring the truth forward.  Fear is not an option.  I chose faith and bravery.  Fear is used by evil intentioned people to herd the many cowards in our society.  We need citizens with a backbone.    
     Write a short honest letter.  No fear.  
Include all necessary information.  Victims must ask for the Truth Technologies to be used and financial compensation from the police retirement fund.  
No one will do this for you. If we do not stop it, who will?...

Michelle Obama,                                                 The White House
Joe and Jill Biden                                                 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
                                                                              Washington DC   20500

Hillary Clinton                                                       US Department of State
                                                                                2201 C Street NW
                                                                                Washington DC   20520

Nancy Peloski                                                        Office of the Speaker
                                                                                H 232 US Capitol
                                                                                Washinton DC   20515

FBI                                                                          116 S Main Suite 7
                                                                                  PO Box 1764
                                                                                 Pendleton OR   97801
U.S. Department of Justice                                      950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
                                                                                  Washington DC    20530-0001
202-514-2000         CONTACT on line

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)
Rape, Abuse + Incest National Network (RAINN)
Men Stopping Rape
The National Assault Prevention Center
Faith Trust Institute
  This is our America , report every crime no matter who or when.  "


Also Note: You Do Not Need an Attorney to File a Lawsuit. Or to File Criminal Charges.  Time to Defend yourself.  The Truth is Not Criminal.

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