Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ravalli County Montana Corruption Rampant

"Dear US Justice Department,
On February 9, 2011 I arranged to attend the US Attorney General speaking at the University of Montana in the University Theater.  During the speech, which was attended by Federal Judges, State Judges, the Montana Attorney General, and other "dignitaries" from the State of Montana. Mr. Holder referred to the medical marijuana issue as "not a priority" and even went into the respect for the Montana state law passed in 2004 that made lawful the medical use of marijuana.
I woke up this morning to hear of four (4) raids in this state on Medical marijuana sites.  I have tried to indicate to this department of three (3) top ten priorities to the US DOJ violated by The State of Montana, Ravalli County, and actors within the unincorporated City of Hamilton, MT. 

This includes municipal fraud, civil rights, and RICO.  It is good to know how inverted the priorities are at Justice.  A private law firm is taking public funds from the municipal "insurance" corporation, MMIA, the Montana Municipal Interlocal Association, sitting on $80M of public funds (www.MMIA.net) protecting criminal activity associated with municipal fraud (non-city employees are enjoying legal representation from MMIA public funds).
The blatant abuse of municipal funds in Hamilton involves a "top" Missoula law firm misrepresenting non-city employees in court, all the way to the state supreme court.  The length of time of my query has been since before the Blackwater USA shooting in Iraq in September 2007.  I have worked with the FBI office in Helena, Salt Lake, and Washington DC.
I am bringing a cause of action against the law firm, the city, and the "actor" who believes, as do most in Montana, including our state Attorney General that laws do no apply to them.  If nothing else, this "raid" if nothing else will dash any hope by our "attorney general" in Montana in gaining any higher office by not respecting law of the people.  Mr. Bullock threatened my career in 2007, and my house, simply asking for query regarding my former county prosecutor, George Corn who put 15 year old boys in jail for 15 years, and destroys lives outside the constitutions. 

We politically took care of the county prosecutor --connected to Sen. Max Baucus and DCOS Jim Messina....a guy who can apparently shut down any federal agency, or query.  If anything else, cover your actions with a press release describing how unwritten statements of AG Holder from Feb. 9, 2011 were not violated by these Montana raids by Federal law enforcement.

The University of Montana Law School, ranked approximately 172/200 of ABA "approved" law schools trained the first student to practice law without a license, Angela B. Wetzsteon in Hamilton, MT in 2007. 

No law professional group, the American Bar, Montana Bar, or the  UM Law Dean (who intorduced Holder) will touch this.  I filed state and federal suits, my written complaint with Bullock's office was answered by his department defending Wetzsteon, Corn in Montana Courts: the Montana AG protecting unauthorized practice of law.

All I ask is that your "General" (as Bob Bennett referred to Holder) get his hold on policies at Justice.  When I hear that something is not a priority, and the state law will be upheld, at least abide by the sworn oath to the 10th Amendment in the US Constitution, and respect our state law. 

While I do not know the details of the raids, I do know that it will not help AG Bullock get anywhere with the people of Montana in the ballot box.  I am embarrassed for the US DOJ, but I also thank you for ending Bullock's political career.

the enclosed link is a letter to the President from 2009 from Hamilton, MT.

Letter to the President of the United States from Montana 2009

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