Sunday, November 7, 2010

NIH - Rocky Mountain Lab - Foley and Lardner - NIH Corruption

More Coming Soon.. Got a Tip?

Sure Wish I got this Internet Thing...
Better Yet Which Judge Robin Clute Did..
poor Hamilton Victims Rights.. GONE . .
all Because of an "Ignorant" Judge.. and Well Ignorant of Course Meaning..
"ain't got no learnin' bout this Internet thing" and well just pull an answer out
my ass and call it Technical Proof.. Cuz Well I am the LAW...

I will Prove So Much Corruption, Fraud on the US Government, Lies.. Deception and Cover Ups out of Hamilton Montana that your Head will Certainly Spin.. FEDERAL CRIMES of WHICH you Will Answer to Bigger than your Good Ol' Boys and Gals STOMPIN' Victims Rights in the Small.. oh So Small Pond of the State of Montana where your Corruption, Evil, Illegal Behavior, Lack of Ethics, Fraud on the Courts and well Serious Lack of Morals is a VERY Big FISH in a VERY Small Pond.. I will Expose Your Evil, Dirty Corrupt Deeds to the BIG Pond ... of the WORLD..

Stay Tuned..

So Got an NIH - Rocky Mountain Lab Tip..
Financial Crimes, Cover Ups... hmmm.. Bring it..

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