Sunday, November 7, 2010

For the "Record" SHOULD that Mean ANYTHING in Corrupt Hamilton Courts..

I Own - bought it August 1st 2009 - It has been in MY Godaddy Account Since then, and it is NOT Dropping for ANY reason.. I Let Michael Spreadbury write on that Domain Name to help Expose Corruption for the Greater Good, however, Michael Spreadbury Does not OWN that Domain Name and NEVER Did..

If Justice of the Peace Robin Clute Could PULL her Head out of her .. ya know. . ASS.. and grasp this Internet Thing she could have easily subpoenaed Google or Godaddy to figure all this out.. as she EASILY could of in 15 minutes INSTEAD of Giving my Death Threat Stalker a Protective Order AGAINST ME.. his Victim to this Day.. ALL she had to do was Subpoena Google, Godaddy, Yahoo.. and now well there is other sites .. as well as YouTube, Craigslist and more.. that Could Easilly prove who the Real Criminal is.. .ahh but it is So Easy to just Blame Me.. the Innocent Voice of Victims EXPOSING your DIRTY Deeds..

So the Point.. WILL not Be DROPPING.. my Domain Name, My Blog.. Sorry.. - You Know where to Serve Me.. I will Await your Dirty Deeds, Illegal Behavior and Corruption to Once again land at my Door..

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Crystal L. Cox

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