Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nansu Roddy, a Montana Librarian with More Authority then the FBI.

Never Forget Folks, Michael Spreadbury had FBI Clearance, Michael Spreadbury was Silenced by Hamilton Corruption through a Montana Librarian named Nansu Roddy.

Nansu Roddy of the Bitterroot Public Library, In Hamilton Montana has put everything on the line to help the Corruption to Stay Alive in Hamilton Montana. Nansu Roddy, Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton Montana fought all the way to the Montana Supreme Court to Keep the Residence of Hamilton Montana from Seeing a LETTER that Exposed, in Great Detail SOME of the Corruption in Hamilton Montana and Turns out - State Wide. - for more informtion on how a Montana Librarian has the Power to Set you Up for a Felony just to Protect Corruption and to KEEP Victims in their Place.. Quietly ..

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