Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hamilton Montana Judges, Sheriff, County Attorney HAS no Legal Right to Your Intellectual Property.

Hamilton Montana - Where Discrimination Reigns King and Where the Truth is No Defense in a Corrupt Court of Law.

Hamilton Montana DOES not have a LEGAL right within Local Law to STOP your Intellectual Property Rights - to Shut Down your Blog or Website.. to Say your NOT Media when YOU Are. .. Your Website, your Blog - is YOUR Intellectual Property.

Corrupt Hamilton Montana Courts will SHUT down Websites, Blogs to protect some PHOTO of a Librarian in a Straw Hat - shut Down a Site to Protect a Corrupt Felony Charge upheld by the Montana Supreme Court to PROTECT corruption in Ravalli County Montana.. ALL to STOP a Letter from Being Posted in a Library Funded by Federal Dollars.

A Letter that Tells the TRUTH
about Corrupt Law Enforcement in Hamilton Montana
... You have a Right To Know..

The Local Media flat out lies about the Crimes that are going on in Ravalli County and sets up Whistleblowers and the REAL Media - Bloggers.. and YET have No Accountability for lack of Truth and Facts.. Yet the Montana Supreme Courts aids and abets corruption in Ravalli County by backing up a Felon Trespass Charge to Michael Spreadbury SIMPLY for Posting a Letter to the President of the United States.. this Letter was a Begging, a Plea for Help as the Corruption is So Bad in Hamilton that Victims have no Rights what so ever and crimes are getting worse..

the Date Rape Drug is Bad in Hamilton Montana... Druggings.. Beatings.. Rapes.. are increasing.. And the Cover Ups and Corruption as you Still Currently See at and at .. Well there is no End in Site as the Hamilton Judicial System's Solution to Rampant Crime and Lack of Victims Rights is to Simply Set up and Silence the One Man Telling you About.. Thing is THAT Will NOT Work as you.. "We The People" will continue the voice of Michael Spreadbury - Send ME your Hamilton Montana REAL NEWS.. there will BE No Silence on the Internet about what is Really Going on Behind the Closed Doors of the Judicial Process in Hamilton Montana. ~ Not EVER !!!

See the Montana Governor, the ACLU, and well seemingly all Judicial Branches IGNORE victims rights as the GOOD GUYS.. cannot fight the Connections and Cover Ups.. so they let folks like Michael Spreadbury and Crystal L. Cox who are really protected under Montana Media Laws... well we get to take the hit for what those "Good Guys" can't say or they will lose their jobs, their assets, their kids and possibly even their life..

there is a Major Price for Telling the Truth
in Hamiton Montana ...

With the Highest Level of the LAW in Montana Protecting the Cover Ups, Lies and Corruption... and the Lee Newspaper Chain Flat Out lying.. well this makes way for crimes to increase and the Public to not know what is REALLY going on..

Truth Seekers and Those who Expose that Truth such as myself and Michael Spreadbury - well we get set up, we get faked felony charges... illegal protective orders and well made to look like we are the Ones Under Investigation all because WE tell the Story of what is happening to the Victims of the Actual Crimes.. We gave Voice to Victims.. Stories that were not ours.. and they Silenced US - WE ARE YOUR VOICE ... Stand UP Now and TELL THE TRUTH. .

The Ravalli Republic Continues to Flat Out Lie and Well Folks, time for you to talk to your friends and neighbors, read plea bargains and find out what is really going on for yourself.. I am not asking you to believe me.. I am saying to Look Deeper then the bought and paid for Media - the Corrupt Lee Newpaper Chain.. the Ravalli Republic

How Does a Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace have a Right to Give a Protective Order NOT based in Montana Law Whats so Ever against a WOMAN protecting a Man she had never Spoke to.. Against a Victim of Severe Life Altering Defamation and Death Threats.. without any kind of INVESTIGATION what so ever.. just a WELL Corrupt JP Robin Clute says so .. and that's that.. no Supeona to Google or the tons of other outlets on my blog - the Corrupt Hamiltion Justice of the Peace Robin Clute

Justice of the Peace Robin Clute
BREAKS the Laws of Montana, Violates Civil and Human Rights and Protects Criminals and Is Still the Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Montana, Why? You can file Criminal Complaints against Judge Robin Clute - Judges SHOULD Not be Above the Laws that you have to Obey. Judge Robin Clute is CLUELESS on Intellectual Property Rights - Clueless on Web Stats - and Does NOT Base her Decisions on Montana State Laws.

Keep an Eye on Judge Robin Clute - Send me videos, Documents, Photos... Proof of Corruption and I will Get you Heard.. Judges SHOULD not be Above the Law..

Judge Robin Clute is NOT Above the Law
and Will Be Liable for ALL Crimes She has Committed...
oh by the Way Still looking for a Non-Corrupt - Balsy Montana Attorney to
Sue Judge Robin Clute - Ravalli County and ALL on my Blog at - I got tons of Proof..

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

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