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Correspondence with ACLU Montana by Michael Spreadbury

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Correspondence with ACLU Montana by Michael Spreadbury

" Recent Correspondence with ACLU Montana by email:

subject: Hamilton‏

From: Michael SpreadburySent: Wed 6/30/10 9:17 AM Dear Scott Crichton, Executive Director, ACLU Montana I am glad your group came to Hamilton. Did you know the organization who sponsored you wish to alter the way people speak, and "educate" them on how to be civil? The ACLU was speaking to a group who is outwardly altering people's freedom of speech in Montana?

The Bitterroot Star reports that your group is a non-profit who defend and preserve individual liberties, I don't see the Montana chapter doing this: Several friends of mine, as well as myself have put in requests with your organization. We get form letters back. For example, contrary to your web page, not all librarians are brave. Not allowing books into collection, returning them via police, conspiracy with law enforcement, charging trespass on public property. Also lying to police about "civil" conversation and being incarcerated.

My right to own a firearm was taken by an order of protection based upon the same librarians testimony. I hold a security clearance with the FBI.

I invite you to watch Beneath the Beauty on DVD (available $15 at and see Bill LaCroix in the movie, as well as American citizens in Hamilton, and elsewhere in Montana talking about their living conditions. It might make you make a return trip very soon.

My second civil rights case is being drafted, based upon the brave librarians. Look for Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et. al. (Bill is friends with the director; I have a feeling that he really doesn't know her MO, just like the MT ACLU didn't really know the Bitterroot Democracy Project, or the real civil rights problems Montana faces).

Those "brave" librarians in Hamilton, Montana have no idea how to uphold anyone's rights, and I swore an affidavit that at no time in the last four years did I cause a disturbance, nor was asked to leave at any time.

The library director affirmed this in a municipal court. I can't wait for the appeal in August in the 21st District [case was dismissed]. Our constitutional rights get put on trial, then more constitutional rights are violated: speedy trial, confronting witnesses, even the ability to speak on our own behalf. Now that's civil liberties.
Boy those Librarians are brave.

Further, I am the Plaintiff in a $4M civil rights law suit for law enforcement misconduct, prosecutor misconduct, attorney misconduct from 2007. This might show that there is a problem. If the ACLU is not here now, when will it enter this immense problem in Montana?
In years past, people used to talk about lip service.

It appears to me that it is now the appearance of good; I would certainly hope your organization wishes to do good. We no longer wish to live beneath the beauty, we want our Constitutional Rights.

Respectfully yours,

Michael Spreadbury "

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Librarian More Authority then the FBI - only in Hamilton Montana Where Human Rights, Civil Rights and Justice DOES not Exist...

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