Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Why is Nansu Roddy making Sherry Devlin of the Ravalli Republic STOP me?

What is So Important about this Photo that they Set up Michael Spreadbury on a Felony Charge..

Have you Seen the Sick HATEFUL, threatening photos that Sean Boushie put on his Victim Hate site on me.. and the Career Ruining LIES he said and the Hamilton Courts Protected Him.. yet this Librarian Photo is Really a Big Deal..

Scour this site.. and the archives of sick photos they dont' mind yet Nansu Roddy in a lovely hat, now that is ILLEGAL..

What is in this photo that they are hiding.. take a look a deep look.. and well you may want to make a copy before the LEE Enterprises Cartel Comes knocking.. see they PRINT lies on Violent Rapes.. over 40 of them in Eureka Montana, and More in Libby.. they print lies on Hamilton Corruption covering up SICK and VIOLENT CRIMES.. yet the Lee Newspaper Cartel - Lee Enterprises THEY have a Legal Stomping Hissy Fit over a lovely photo of a FEDERAL Employee... at a Hamilton Library? Make Sense..

Time to Talk Folks.. Expose the Mis-Use of Federal Funds by the Bitterroot Public Library, in a whistleblower lawsuit YOU get 20 to 30% of what you recover for the federal government...

All this Foot Stomping, this Sheriff Chris Hoffman cover up, Hamilton Police Cover Up, Ravalli County attorney jumping hoops to STOP it.. , the Hamilton Judges doing all they can to Cover It Up. .. and the Montana Supreme Court Backing them up.. ALL to STOP you from going into a PUBLIC Funded Library in Hamilton Montana and Seeing a Let that a Vet, a Tax Paying Citizen WROTE to the U.S. President on Corruption in Hamilton Montana and JUST how bad it REALLY and TRULY is...

If you have NOT read the Letter .. here it is..

and Please Watch the Documentary.. that barely scratches the surface but tells alot..

posted here Proudly and Truthfully
by Investigative Blogger ( the MEDIA )
Crystal L. Cox

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