Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michael Spreadbury Requests request for information To Hamilton City Attorny.

HAMILTON City Attorney Continues
to Deny Michael Spreadbury Rights.

"Dear City Attorney,

This is a request for information regarding an interview outside the Ravalli County Administration building in 2009.

I've lost count how many times this information has been requested.

It is my belief that the request originated in July of 2010 without success.

The date is on or around Febuary 13, 2009, and officer Brad Weston #30 of the Hamilton Police Department "responded".

There are no "criminal justice information" issues although those are not an issue even when criminal charges are involved as per the last correspondence.

Please send this log, report, incident report, or otherwise to:

Michael Spreadbury PO Box 416 Hamilton MT 59840

Thank you, and I look forward to the information that I requested since July, 2010 (more than 90 days past).

Michael Spreadbury "

Ravalli County Hamilton Montana, Continues to Deny Basic Rights To Michael Spreadbury, Ravalli Republic - Lee Enterprises Continues to Lie about Michael Spreadbury and to Defame Michael Spreadbury with NO Accountability for their Flat out lies. Ravalli Republic has double standards .. more on the Illegal Activity of Ravalli Republic and the Flat Out lies printed by Sherry Devlin with no accountability, yet Sherry Devlin wants to make sure that I do not reprint her lies or photos she claims to have a copyright on.

Does Sherry Devlin of Ravalli Republic even know the Truth, hmmm. does Sherry Devlin
know about Perry interviewing me, Crystal L. Cox?

Well folks I will let you know what happens next. As Sherry Devlin and the Corrupt Lee Enterprises Newspaper Chains seem to Intend to SUE ME .. even thought htey print non-stop lies.. hmmm.. only freedom of flat out lies for them.. and no TRUTH from Me.. Right?

What is Sherry Devlin of Ravalli Republic wanting to hide so bad, well soon you will see... as soon as the Corrupt Lee Enterprises decides what State to Sue me out of..

Much More Coming Soon to my Montana News MEDIA.. as I AM THE MEDIA.. and So is Michael Spreadbury, who is Protected under MEDIA Laws.. just like the Corrupt Ravalli Republic ... Lee Enterprises.. and coming to my Whistleblower Media network.. lots more on Sherry Devlin and on the Hamilton City Attorney... ALL denying basic rights to one man, Michael Spreadbury just because he wanted to post a letter from ANOTHER citizen about the corruption in Hamilton... See how FAR they go to hide their corruption...

the TRUTH Is the TRUTH.
Demand Facts... Demand Transparency...

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