Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more Coming Soon on What Hamilton Corruption Allow Happen to me and NOW attacks over a Librarian Photo.

Keep in Mind that Sean Boushie is Crystal L. Cox Victims Group

Some Pages From Sean's Hate Site

Proof Sean is Crystal L. Cox Victims Group

eMails to Others

Go to for the one to Pastor Randy Boyte and other proof..

Craigslist Hate and Defamation

Soiciting Haters, IS ILLEGAL - is a Montana Hate Crime. Craigs list takes Serious, Montana Law and the University of Montana DOES not take serious.

Facebook Hate Site Coming soon.. as well as Videos of pages Sean had up, and Photos that Hamilton Judges, Cops and the U of M dont seem to mind..

Tons of Web Stats to Prove, Tons of Companies to Supbeona - Ravalli - Lincoln and Missoula County REFUSE to Protect Corrupt Law Enforcement and Judges.

I will Post more direct links to the Proof soon.

I have a box of web stats from a year, and there are many leads, easy to prove it is Sean Boushie, though his wife still defends the Pervert with a fiery .. HE was on Hook Up sites, was attacking my lifestyle, was watching those "Stephanie" videos over 30 times, and launche a year of HATE that defamed my Online Media - Markeing business and my real estate career and Sean and Family will LOOSE all assets - so enjoy them. I have proof on top of proof - there is SIMPLY no COURT that is NOT Corrupt.. So the People need to Wake Up and Get Folks in office, in law .. in Judicial that will Obey the Law, Obey the Constitution and Do No Harm..

the Point for me to Go on and ON.. not Due to Fear. I do not fear any of them anymore, they have taken Everything. My mission is to show you the PUBLIC how it happens to Victims, to Witnesses, the the INNOCENT. How Easy it is to set someone up and make you believe the LIE. Oftentimes to Cover up an error in judgement of a cop, a badge heavy beating.. - it is used to set up GOOD COPS who try and do a Great Job - it is used to protect Drug Dealers that cops get a cut from.

And in Eureka Montana to protect rapists, who are dealers but had other MONEY coming in from drugging and raping woman in groups..

P.S. - I No longer CARE if you believe ME, I have heard from Victims, from Family, from Cops, from Fathers... and the TRUTH is what I am telling you.. TO GIVE VOICE TO THE VICTIMS.. so Believe me or Not.. the TRUTH is Still the Truth..

Scour - this is ONE Example of How YOU will Be set up.. I have seen it with Text Messages, Noise Pollution, and well Letters to a Library.. a FELONY.. yet Rape, Murder, Drugs.. and more.. are LEGAL..

more coming soon..

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