Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who is Funding the Blatant Corruption in the State of Montana that ALL know About and Fear?

The State of Montana has Corruption down to a fine art..
and the TRUTH is Certainly No Defense.

For Example the Judicial Hell Holes of Hamilton Montana, Ravalli County and Libby Montana, Lincoln County THEY have tons of Money to Spread to the Elite that are in the Ring of Corruption, if your NOT in this Special Group of Politicians, Some Cops, Some Commissioners ... Some JP's , Some District Court Judges ... Well if your not ONE OF Them .. THEN you are Faced with Economic Terrorism.

You will lose your Business, your Family will be threatened, you will be set up for texting.. noise pollution. .calling the cops about an intruder and them arresting YOU..... you will be run out of town.. and well you will not be able to Pay Your Bills or Feed your Family and if that Don't Work - well then you will Get set up on some Fake.. absolutely made up Charge in a Corrupt Montana District Court. .

oh and you Can bet that the Corrupt Montana Supreme Court will Back up Montana District Court as NO One Dare Cross anyone Else in this Corruption Club in the State of Montana... other wise YOU ARE Out.. no more Free Money.. they Know Secrets on you or your Family in which they WILL use against you.. or you WILL spend a Night or Two in a Montana Jail and Become one of those Now Famous "Montana Suicides" .

So Where Does this Money Come from that pays this Amazing Wall of Corruption in the State of Montana - Well for One and Believe Me there will be Lots more on this Soon to be Multi-Billion Dollar Medicaid Whistleblower Lawsuit... anyway.. WR Grace Doctors are Of Course Corrupt - no Brainer there.. and Well WR Grace Pays for those Corrupt Doctors to tell you that .. well turns out you don't really have Asbestos.. Mesothelioma .. Oops Our Mistake.. ok so Turns Out that your Dad Died of "Natural Causes" so .. Yee Haw.. no Wrongful Death Lawsuit there..

oh and the Corrupt Doctors.. and Corrupt Insurance Companies bought and Paid for by WR Grace well they are Paid also by Medicaid Right.. there is a Scam on Medicaid Whereby WR Grace actually Defrauds Medicaid.. Much More on that Later.. Lots MORE !!
Got a Tip? -

Good Attorneys Seem to Be afraid of Montana Corruption and WELL definitely afraid of WR Grace.. See I Suspect - In My Opinion that Hamilton Corruption is well funded through NIH - which has connections to the VERY Corrupt Foley and Lardner Law Firm and Micheal Grebe .. more on that Super Power later.. this is also VERY connected to Homeland Security Money.. funding which is part of the Money that Lincoln County Law Enforcement gets to Drive around and do NOTHING to eat up over time.. on the Ol' "Government Dime" - aKa Your Tax Dollars..

Montana Corruption is also funded by Tons of Plea Bargains.. another Words kind of a "Pay to Play" so instead of Jail Time you PAY .. and YOUR Guilt well WHO cares. .kind of the Judicial Hell Hole Motto.. "THE Truth is No Defense" !!

So another factor in WR Grace is Connections to the Number One Corrupt Law Firm in the WORLD - Proskauer Rose LLP - now the Kind of Money that Proskauer Rose deals in is Hundreds of BILLIONS of "Other People's Money" EVERY Year.

Got a Tip on Proskauer Rose - WR Grace Connections?
Where there is Murder and Billions ..
There is Proskauer Rose Law Firm ...

And so to Keep Montana Politicians KEEPING you Down, and to Keep Montana Courts Easily Raking in Your MONEY and Prosecuting Whoever They Please based on .. WELL not the LAW or the TRUTH.. I guarantee that.. but Based on .. Well Whatever they Damn Well Please.. on Favors Owed.. Secrets Knowm.. and WHO can "Pay to Play" ... Oh and METH well a Montana Meth Dealer .. can Make at Least, according to my sources.. $15,000 in 3 days.. So those you who Do Obey the Montana Laws.. well Guess What, SORRY.. you Cannot Afford to Pay to Play .. therefore you are Guilty .. Do NOT Pass Go .. Do not Collect $200 .. Straight to Jail.. Plain and Simple ..

What Good is Telling the Whole Truth and NOTHING but about the Evil Deeds of Montana Politicians and WR Grace ?

The Truth may Be absolutely Irrelevant in Hamilton Montana and in Libby Montana ... the TRUTH may be No Defense in a Montana Court Room where Plea Bargains are not based in Law and Proven Fact but on How Much you Can Pay for your "Montana Plea Bargain" ..

Montana Citizens may be to Scared to STAND up for What is Right... and Well No One May Believe Me.. However Still I Stand and Still I tell you the TRUTH.. it is YOUR Truth..

As your Local News Media and State Media LIES to You. .and Well Most Montanans NEED to believe the LIE.. I get it. .for if you Stand up For Rape Victims, if you Stand up for Real Estate Victims, if you Stand up For Children Violated, if You Stand up against Cops that Take Sex in Trade of a Ticket with Young Girls, if you Stand up for the Actual Law . .and the TRUTH .. well your Set Up.. Beat Up. .Cuffed and Stuffed.. and that's if YOUR One of the Lucky Ones..

So I get Your Fear in Not Speaking Up. . All these years. .

I get your FEAR of not Signing the
Recall for Sheriff Anderson
Even after you TOLD me to my Face

you Know it is the RIGHT thing to Do and you
Admire Us for Standing up for the Truth, and for
Speaking for Victims Who have NO Voice...


I don't Blame Ya..
But Folks ..
That Was Then and This is Now..

And Now ...

Silence is Betrayal

Enough is Most Certainly ENOUGH !!!

The Montana Supreme Court, Missoula County Judges, Lincoln County Courts, Ravalli Count Courts.. well they may be Corrupt and they may Stand with the Criminal WR Grace - But that Will NEVER Change the FACT that the State of Montana has Known for Decades of the Horror WR Grace brought to "Our People" and the State of Montana Protected WR Grace, as they Do to This Day. . you See BEING Paid Pays REALLY Good .. and Well Billions of Dollars is MORE important then the Quality of Life of the Montana Taxpayers..

This is NOT So to me..

TO Me there Will be No WR Grace Death that will Die in Vain, the Truth Will Roar and Every Politician and Judge over Decades that Helped WR Grace Torture and Kill our People with a Horrific - Painful Disease .. Well they will ALL Be Exposed.

This will never end the Suffering.. I Get that..

this TRUTH Telling will NEVER bring back those who have died those Slow Painful WR Grace Deaths, However the TRUTH will set many of those family members free as they suffer in the Need for Justice... as they watch more die a Slow painful death from something that the State of Montana knew all along would happen.. and when Libby gets those Millions of Corrupt Dollars from the Corrrupt Max Baucus and Cronies - Well the Greedy Politicians and Corrupt Court System divides it up to those who they protect.. or favor for a multi-tude of reasons and the WR Grace Victims They Get NONE.. .. My Uncle Died last November.. never did even get a Portable Oxygen Tank.. and a NEW 6 Million to the Corrupt COUNTY of Lincoln County Montana where there are NO real Jobs because the Commissioner just did not see this End to The Timber Industry Coming.. they Rejected Cambell's Soup Compay.. they LIKE Mining.. because the Pay off to Corrupt Politicians is Better..

In Lincoln County Montana, Real Estate Taxes are Sky High, and As a Broker Owner let me Tell you . .YOU will NOT be selling for their Current Tax Base. .oh but you will PAY or the Corrupt Lincoln County MONTANA will Take YOUR Land. .oh and in these.. Taxes Up.. no Job times for Lincoln County Montana .. Well Wouldn't Ya KNOW .. Surprise ... The Commissioners Get a Raise.

So .. Where is that MONEY.. for the WR Grace Victims ???

Demand an Accounting of EVERY Dime the Corrupt Courts, Cops, Detectives, Social Services, CPS, County Clerk, Commissioners.. GOT .. how did they Spend Every DIME ever Given From WR Grace.. or Shall I Say given by Baucus so as to SHIFT Blame from the Evil WR Grace. Montana - You have a RIGHT to KNOW where every Dirty Dime Went..

The WR Grace Victims and Their Families Suffer in the Dark..
and I Say NO MORE..

NOT on My Watch, Plain and Simple..

I Will Continue to GIVE Voice to Victims..
whether the Montana Courts, JPs, Judges, Cops..
Continue to Threaten Me, Endanger My Life,
Set Me Up or NOT !!

It's Time Folks.. WR Grace Had Better Rattle them Newspapers, Politicians, Cronies and PR Geniuses they Pay Off So Well. Cuz it is Bout' Time for a "Come To Jesus Party" for WR Grace.

For the Latest Corruption SCANDAL within the EVIL Wall of Corruption of WR Grace and Enabled by Tester and Baucus and YOUR Montana Tax Dollars.. this will take the homes and savings of everyone ever involved in covering up this 3 Decade old Scandal..

The Latest is THE Illegal, Corrupt, Fraudulent Changing of THE "Cause of Death" by Corrupt WR Grace Doctors, and the Flat Out Lies of WR Grace Paid For and Bought off Insurance Companies..

Enough is So Far Way Past Enough...

Every Commissioner, Senator, Judge, Attorney, Investigator and Maintenance Man over 30 Years that Aided and Abetted the Murder of "My People" will all LOSE Everything to the Victims Families.. So Duck and Cover Evil Doers.. the SHIT is about to Hit the Fan...

WR Grace is about to Figure Out what this Internet thing is About. And whether the Law is Irrelevant to YOU or NOT.. the TRUTH is Relevant to Us who have watched Our family die in the Most un-imaginable pain and suffering...

So Folks .. You will Soon hear about Every Doctor, Every Politician, Every Medicaid Cronie... Attorney .. Judge.. pencil pusher, insurance company, and More over 30 Years that Aided and Abetted the MURDER of Montana Citizens ...

I Know many in Libby want this to go away.. and well Real Estate and All.. but Ya Know What.. that last 6 Million Dollars that Baucus Gave Libby.. WELL that Belongs to you Libby Residents - Make Some Noise.. Go Get it..

Hey Lincoln County Montana ~ STOP taking Economic Terrorism - Stop hiding your Death Threat Calls.. .Stop pretending these CRIMES are NOT happening and on your Dime.. STOP pretending that Plea Bargains are ABOVE ANY LAW, and Start Telling the TRUTH about Corruption in Libby Montana..

as It will NEVER end til You Stand Up.. and Tell the Truth.. t
he WHOLE Truth and Nothing But the Truth...

Posted Here by
Investigative Blogger
Lincoln County Montana Native
Relative of Asbestos Victims
Crystal L. Cox

Got a Tip on ANYONE over 30 Years
who Helped WR Grace Get Away with MURDER ?
Email me ...

again.. Attacks will be Posted as Well..
And whether you Agree with Me or not ....
the Truth Remains to Be the TRUTH !!!

You Know How the Saying Goes..
YOU Can Lead a Horse to Water..
But ya Can't Make it Drink ...

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