Friday, September 3, 2010

Montana Qui Tam Laws - Blow the Whistle on Government Fruad in Ravalli County Montana

Blow the Whistle on Government Fraud - GET a Recover Fee...

The Hamilton Montana Economy SHOULD Soon Explode..

Many Know of Fraud within Lincoln County Government - Accounting Fraud - Tax Fraud - Insurance Fraud - Contract Fraud - YOU Recover for the Federal Goverment YOU Get a Percentage with a Good Whistleblower Attorney... and In Federal Court.. Judge XX in Montana that is CORRUPT . .which is Most ALL of them.. Well they Don't Get to Decide...

See Changing Deeds as Ravalli County and Lincoln County Montana have been known to do, changing Joint Tenant - and Right of Survivship is Illegal..

If you Fear Ravalli County and Lincoln County Law Enforcement and Judges and that is why your NOT telling Well Enough of that. .Get a Whistleblower Attorney out of Washington D.C. and Expose ALL the Corruption over Decades in Ravalli County and Lincoln County Montana or Really anywhere in the State of Montana Corruption Ring, and you are BY LAW - Whistleblower Laws Entitled to a Percentage of What you Help to Recover.

Many tell me of Fraudulant Deeds.. Accounting Fraud.. Mortage and Real Estate Fraud... and other Major Fraud in Ravalli County and Lincoln County, also Fraud with Government Contracts... this ALL Falls under Whistleblower Laws.. YOU Tell on them.. and You Get Part of Recovery..

I am not an Attorney, nor am I trying to Give you legal advice.. simply Research Qui Tam Laws, Whistleblower Law, Corruption against the Federal Government is ILLEGAL and you are LEGALLY Entitled to Recover.. Expose Goverment Corruption - Research Whistleblower Laws and you folks who know of Fraud in the County ... over Decades.. EXPOSE them...

Missing Documents in County Records.. EXPOSE them..

Enough is Enough !!

And if You Stand together and tell the Truth then Ravalli County and Lincoln County will stop setting you up, running you out and killing you off ONE by ONE in Secret ..

Do you Know of NIH Fraud in any Way? EXPOSE It?

Go to Pamida or Walmart.. BUY a little pocket Recorder.. when Cops pull you over.. or judges.. or ??? corner you record it.. and put it on YouTUBE.. when Cops offer TEENS sex in trade for NO Ticket.. Record the Offer if you can and EXPOSE THEM.. Sex with Children is NOT Acceptable . .

Stand Up Folks..
The Trail of VICTIMS never Ends...
You have the POWER to STOP it..
Tell ON THEM.... ALL of THEM...

You pay their Wages and you have a Right to Transparency and
to Protection and NOT to Live in Fear of those you pay
to Protect, Honor and SERVE You !!

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Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

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