Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Michael Spreadbury to Jeff Schmerker Printing Defamation and Lies - Hamilton Montana News

Jeff Schmerker - Ravalli Republic

Ravalli Republic Blatant, Obvious Defamation with No Regard for the Human, Civil or Economic Rights of Montana Citizens. Who Pays Off Guys like Jeff Schmerker of the Corrupt Ravalli Republic to print False Information and Defame the Innocent while protecting Judicial Corruption?

"" Dear Jeff,

I was pointed to your August 9th article, and for good reason.

The problem is that I have never been charged with disturbing the peace, and also never convicted.

This "newspaper" also reported on the $1.2M cases, which you have reported as $3.6M in state courts.

This was the original cost of my federal case pending against your paper, which was amended to $4M, actual damages. We wont get into the next round of federal case, for making up threats when they didn't exist.

Correcting this mistake does not erase the defamation.

My security clearance remains intact, due to NO CONVICTIONS.

Perhaps you should write about my ability to steer clear of all the false mines put up by your boss, and editorial consultant, Mr. Corn.

I am also asking the VP for Lee to consider intervention, hopefully termination for your boss, perhaps shuttering of the Republic. Working with the Hamilton Police on two occasions (July 9, 2009) and today does not bode well for a newspaper.

Free speech does not include free hatchet job, and free creativity on defaming the public.

Your resignation is required, and a check of your professionalism as a supposed journalist.

Regardless of your inaction, inability, and inattention to what actually transpired in court August 9, 2010 shows in your written work.

Why do you allow the online comments which are totally out of line, and unprofessional? defamation is a costly endeavor.

Keep writing yourself out of a job.

I will not respond to you, due to not even asking me any questions in the courthouse.

There is no question as to the content made up in your story, costly to your paper, and company.
THE CHARGES WERE DISMISSED FOR TRESPASSING ON PUBLIC PROPERTY on 8-17-2010; how many times did your paper publish this "conviction"....oh yeah I forgot, I was convicted then dismissed.....which means to the Republic that I was convicted, right? Its only factual.

Michael Spreadbury ""

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Crystal L. Cox

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