Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Montana Justice Of The Peace Robin Clute Uses Illegal Protective Order To Cover for Montana Corrupt Law Enforcement

Judge Robin Clute of Hamilton Montana Must of Owed Sheriff Anderson of Libby Montana Big Time. Because Justice of the Peace Robin Clute gave a Protective Order without the Law Behind her, Montana Code is Clear on Who can get a Protective Order and Who Cannot and Judge Robin Clute of Hamilton Montana Ignored Montana Law and Gave a Protective Order just to Silence a Blogger and Protect Massive Montana Corruption.

Robin Clute Montana Judge Denied all rights to a Montana Blogger, Judge Robin Clute Endangered My Life, Robin Clute Denied my Due Process, Robin Clute Would not allow any Evidence to be submitted, Judge Robin Clute Gave my Stalker my Social Security Number, Threatened a Permanent Protect Order, Justice of the Peace Robin Clute Threatened my Arrest if I Spoke to anyone about any of it, accused me of emailing a death threat to myself, violated my civil right and my Montana Rights and Broke Montana Law on the RULES that ALLOW a Protective Order to BE Granted.

Justice of the Peace Robin Clute Owes me My Successful Real Estate Career, My Online Revenue, a year of Hell, and has cost me everything I knew to be my life before I stepped into the corrupt unjust court room of Justice of the Peace - Montana Judge Robin Clute.

Corrupt Justice of the Peace Robin Clute, Set Me UP.. gave an Illegal Protective Order against me, YELLED at me, Stripped me of my Rights.. Endangered my life and ran me from my home and business in Fear of My Life..

I am NO longer Afraid of YOU Judge Robin Clute, you have already taken EVERYTHING.. and NOW I will Find out Everything there is TO know about YOU and Post it Everywhere, it will NOT Be Defamation .. IT WILL BE FACT ... as YOU Gave My Social to My Stalker..

You Let Me Be Defamed, Humilated, Reputation and Business Ruined and have put me under a years worth of HUGE Stress for over a YEAR.. you Ran me from My Home, My Life, My Job and put my life at severe risk.. and I Was NOT breaking ANY Law.

So Robin Clute - Hamiltion JP go ahead Charge me, Jail me like you seem to do to those who stand against you.. Go ahead and have me beaten or killed.. as well you Threatened me in your court and denied my due process and told me I could not talk to anyone about any of it.. YOU already TOOK my Life as I knew it away. .So

Now What? I have No Money, No Home.. I am in Fear of My Life everyday.. what are you going to do know. Kill Me.. oh WELL at Least I know I was on the Right Side of the Law and the Right Side of the Moral Compass...

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