Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fulbright trumps Corn

The public does not know, and the newspapers are not telling: both prosecutors face malpractice suits. Many Americans feel Californians are "sue happy" where Fulbright had liability. George Corn faces liability for being the Ravalli County Attorney in Montana. An adept reader commented in a newspaper that Corn is fully responsible for hiring Bill Fulbright, so culpability lands in George Corn's lap ultimately.

Key differences for Fulbright: 1) take RCAO out of political influence Corn develops, and 2) uphold rights of Ravalli County residents. We may have to thank the "Conservative Group" for this shift to the right for candidate Fulbright. Corn offers to uphold his "strangle-hold" on County departments, including improper influence on county justices and officials. An observation made in District court: Corn kept a man in jail merely by telling the judge he had not been able to read paperwork determining an inmates probation status at time of arrest.

Constitutional rights don't stop because George Corn told a Judge that he had not gotten around to reading paperwork; a fine distraction or ploy to stall for time, or needlessly punish. While Fulbright is not squeaky clean in this regard, at least he has witnessed what he should not do under Corn. It is up to community leaders to push Fulbright, once in office to his goals of individual rights. It is up to the voters to have confidence that Fulbright will live up to his promises, knowing anything is better than Corn's "stranglehold" on the local economy (a debate comment 9/10/10) and similar holds on our justice system: your family's future.

Don't believe the story of the malpractice suits solely on Fulbright, our sources say it is but a drop in the bucket as compared to Corn's liability for "malpractice". Remember, one is on an editorial board, one is not. Being in office for 20 years allows for many willing participants to tout greatness. Corn's victims left the area, killed themselves, or are in jail: none of which can write editorials to the local press. Corn has systematically normalized abuse of rights; he is the executive director of Ravalli County, and can decide who works, votes, or goes to jail outside of the rule of law, or constituional right.

Fulbright trumps Corn due to making the appearance of changing that. Make sure to vote Nov. 2, 2010, realizing that the will of the voter may not have any influence on the election. In other words, the ballot box may be full before any of us vote for any candidate.

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