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Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox - Montana Native Exposes Mass Corruption Ring in Montana

In the Spring of 2009 I had Heard about Several Date Rape Druggings in the Eureka Area, the Story was that Damian Taylor at the Koocanusa Arena Was Drugging Women and Men just to watch what would happen, story goes that the "other" bartendar was also involved and one femail bartendar LEFT because she refused to Serve to Minors as Damian Taylor apparently Often did. Rumor was NEVER take a Drink from Damion period, he will drug you. PERIOD...

The Local Cops were called out many times for Over Serving Issues, thing is Folks when your Drugged with a Date Rape Drug - a Clear, Tastless Odorless Drug such as GHB.. well You will feel Over Served REAL fast, the best way to know you have been drugged is if you feel way to drunk way to fast.

The Local Cops had previous records they hide of story after story, it got so bad one of the Honest cops set it up where a female officer would come up from the "Flathead" and go to the Koocanusa Arena and set up whom ever was doing it.. well the Lincoln County Detectives Refused this, why? who Knows..

So along Comes Rendezvous of 2009 and a Woman Tells me of Damian Giving her a drink, she had been drugged, the details of her night are not for me to tell here.. however after this and many more people I have known my ENTIRE life.. mean and woman told me Similar stories.. well I decided to Contact the Taylors. .and well Their Solution to this Real Problem was to send an attorney after me, instead of finding a solution to the problem they decided the problem was me.. which was VERY far From the Truth.

So I decided to Blog about the Problem on My Local Sites, after this I got a Story on Local Mortgage Fraud.. and well other stories started to come to me... I had Just signed a lease for a New Main Street Office for my Real Estate Company Ten Lakes Realty, I had got some pretty strong negativity from my posts but it was not bad. .YET..

Then One day I spoke to Cookie Haidle, the local Victims Advocate and she told me a story of a young woman's rape in graphic detail and well it hit me hard.. and I decided in that moment that Silence was Indeed Betrayel as her family had been a part of my life for decades..

She also told me of other stories.. and Victims..

I Asked around as .. as I knew the Victims and their Families.. and The Information was indeed Correct.. So I decided to Write about it. .to do videos and talk about it..

A Friend of Mine came into my office after this..and we Started talking about the Rapes, and the Dog Murder and all the connections and well She mentioned that the Sheriff Should Be Accountability and then the lack of prosecution was outrageous .. and so the Sheriff Recall for Sheriff Anderson 2009 Began.

Well What Happened Next Certainly Changed my Life Forever, Ruined My Reputation, and Ran me off Main Street with my Business... took my Listings, Turned my Clients and Neighbors Against me and well made me out to be the biggest .. baddest.. darkest of all and all I had done was Tell their Story, Hear their Pain, Expose the Bad Guys, Obey the Law.

The Authorities NOT listening to me, not asking for how I know, not doing anything to go after the Bad Guy.. over and over again was Shocking. The crimes escalated and they did nothing and the solution was apparently to shut me up..

I Could not figure out why the Police would protect Rapists.. one rumor was that the Rapists.. the Guys doing it.. all worked for one Construction Company.. Leroy Stewart's construction and well that Leroy was running drugs and well their were pay offs, protections.. and connections and that was why these guys did not get in trouble.. I don't know if that is true or not. .however I do know the lives of these rapists were more to local authorities then my life..

The Rapists were Fearless... As If they Knew that they were Protected.. they posted on YouTube Videos By Name, they sent me picture links of girls tied up, and panties for sale then the site would drop the next day, they threatened me.. by phone. in the streets..

the FBI, the Commissioners, the Highway Patrol, Local Cops, Detectives, the County Attorney, State of Montana, and More Did Nothing THOUGH I begged and Pleaded for HELP... it was as if they were all waiting for me to be Killed and well if their were any Honest investigators, they had been convinced that I was the Criminal in some way when in FACT I was NOT.. I was telling the Truth..

So even Though I was in a lease, I moved out of my Office.. kept paying all the Bills.. moved my computers.. ALL due to Threats from the Criminals, and Fear of the Authorities as well as my Death Threat that was Ignored.. I was afraid for my Life, My Equipment and the Safety of my clients and agents..

Once the Recall Petition was getting going.. we went to a local Ron Paul Meet up group, it was ONE of the Many places that we went to get support for the Recall of Sheriff Anderson. It was not the only place, but ONE. Well that group is now Called the Lincoln County Watch, and the point of that group then was to watch what was going on around the county .. whatever it was and to talk about it. .it was not Conspiracy against the Government, it was Not some violent .. secret.. group that had some special agenda.. though the Local Cops drove by the meetings alot, and well the media and the rumor mill sure had their way about what they thought was going on in "them thar walls" Thing Is those folks one by one took hits in pretty much every way for backing us, for standing up for those voiceless victims and well to this day there is heavy rumors of what went on at that time.. .. and really it was simply a Stand for Victims..

It may have changed after that.. don't know.. after the Recall Ended.. well I had left Montana before the Recall Ended.. for Fear of My Life..

One Thing I would like to Say is the Paul Stramer Denied Carry Permit should have NEVER been on the Recall Petition and I have no idea why it ended up there.. I was not part of it, I suppose it was about other illegal actions that Sheriff Anderson had done..

But once that was on the Recall well the Circle Your Wagon Party round' Montana begans as well the Secrets they needed to keep and the Massive Montana Corruption they needed to hide.. well it had been bumpted way up from Local Rapes and Drugs.. by this simple stroke of a pen.

During the Sheriff Recall. .. I made it my job to Blog, I wrote what I was hearing, I posted on what was sent to me and on comments made on local news sites, as well as articles and letters to the editor... and well One Letter to the Editor Indeed Took Everything in a Whole New Direction.. see it was From Paul Stramer's Son in Law, I had no idea that was who it was, and had previous experience with the man so I blogged my Opinion on what he wrote about the Recal and About Concealed Carry Permit laws.. and well I called him a Coward and an Idiot..

Well that Did it.. Life Changed.. WaLa.. One Click of the Word PUBLISH.

I had never Spoke to Sean Boushie, the Author of the Letter to the Editor, though he had wrote me and my partner a nasty gram 8 years before as his father was our neighbor and the details of that well irrelevant indeed.. other then that did not know him, certainly had no idea his hatred for me, nor did I know he was Married to Paul Stramer's Daughter. To KEY factors that Made Sean Boushie the PRINCE of Montana Corruption, made him protected and well they laid out the Royal Carpet for him. .until the Recal was over then he lost the support of the Corrupt Judges, Law Enforcement and County Attorney so He Headed to Craigslist to find other Supporters to Hate Me..

So anyway.. on August 6th 2009 I received a Death Threat, I know FOR Sure it was From Sean Boushie by the Details in it.. and other statistical proof that NO Montana Detective Dared to Look at.. I contacted Local JP Stormy Langston that day. .and well She Did nothing.. So I emailed it with the Proof of Why to Local Commissioners, to the FBI, to the University of Montana, To Police, to Human Rights Group and NOT ONE looked into it.. not one..

No Judge WOULD Give me a Protective Order though
I was in REAL Fear of my Life..

Also at this time I got Email threats from an IP I tracked to a federal building in Montana.. so I got the State of Montana to Help me with what I called the "Jimmy Boston" emails as that is how this guy signed his name.. well they felt it was a local detective or maybe a highway patrol as the local cops were on Interbel .. So Ron Kosena, from the State of Montana called me and began an investigation.. he said he WAS taking Serious.. well he disappeared.. I recorded that first call for my protection and well of course have the emails..

Meanwhile.. after no Protective Order.. no help from Law Enforcement well I was Served a Protective Order against ME.. a Judge in Hamilton Montana gave Sean Boushie a Protective Order against me.. though I had real fear, real proof and was denied..

WELL this Illegal Protective Order was given the 24th..2oo9 and was up Friday the 24th of 2010.. why Judge Clute did not make it permanent as she threatened she would, well I dont' know. .surely after this POST she will give him another Corrupt, Illegal Protective Order so he can keep hiding behind her corrupt court and attack me FOREVER..

Anyway... that day in her Lawless, Heartless Court Room was the Day that Changed My Life in a way more then the previous duress.. as ... well that next week I left Eureka for a year Now.. Why? Well Real Fear of My Life.

I Knew that I did Not Control the Email - and Well the Corrupt Judge Robin Clute said that I did .. so I knew that THEY could email me from that at anytime.. or email Sean Boushie and then say it was me.. then they Could Arrest me as Judge Robin Clute Said they would, and from there I felt I would be Beaten or Killed by an Insider, as they knew who threatened me and they would NOT let the information out to my Attorney.

I left Hamilton Montana That Day and a few days later left Montana for Good..

It has Been over a Year Since My Death Threat was Sent and the Corruption, Set Ups and Down Right Torture that Followed is really kind of unThinkable. So over the last few months I kept a journal.. I kept a Private Blog for my Eyes only and TODAY.. September 29th 2010 - I Crystal L. Cox Release the Blog I will List Below, as I am still in Fear of My Life.. Still Attacked, Still Harassed and Still the Montana Corrupt Authorities DO NOTHING TO PROTECT ME...

My Story on Montana Corruption and Just How Bad it Gets is on the Blog Below, if you have a Similar Story .. please Email it to Me at

How Far Montana Judges, Cops, University of Montana Police, Missoula Police, Lincoln County Commissioners, Court Clerks, and their Cronies will go to Stop a Blogger From Telling the TRUTH...
my Story on how a Corrupt Protective Order
came about and What Followed..

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