Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NIH in Hamilton, Foley and Lardner, Patent Fraud, Big Money..

Coming Soon Connections on NIH in Hamilton and where all the REALLY big bucks come from to Fund the Corruption in Hamilton Montana that Violates YOUR Civil Rights and Does not Base Hamilton Courts on the TRUTH in ANY Way.. they do not even TRY to Discover the REAL TRUTH or Really Investigate...

Hamilton Courts have no Idea how to Prove who is doing What.. they just pick who they DON'T like or who knows the TRUTH about them and SET them Up.. No Proof Necessary. .. it is more like.. hmmmm why did you set me up. judge. .why did you lie about me officer.. why am i in "trouble".. well See Little Lady.. it's Like This..

"Cuz I Said So ...."

In Hamilton Montana the Law Is irrelevant..
and the TRUTH is No Defense...

This all Take Big Money.. and Major Connections..

So Soon we Will Explore the Connection NIH and to Michael Grebe, to Patents within NIH and why As soon as I talked about Michael Grebe in Regard to the Iviewit Technologies Trillion Dollar Patent.. well then my Phones were bugged by Homeland Security. .my Clients and Customers would Get Homeland Security often when they called my home.. I was held at the Local Canadian Border FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.. when I went to Take Mountain Pictures in British Columbia.. WHY?

I was DOING nothing wrong or Illegal.. so why on a Watch List.. why tap my phones.. I was exposing Corruption within Law Enforcement, I was Telling the Truth, I was on the Right side of the Law and the Right Side of the Moral Compass so Why Set me up.. watch me.. tap my phones? Hmmm.. well Guess they got alot to Hide..

so Know Anything about Foley and Lardner Law Firm, Michael Grebe, NIH, and Montana Corruption... Connections?

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