Friday, February 19, 2010

"How long are we going to tolerate a paper which robs us of justice and prosperity?"

"" The Ravalli Republic is forced on the sick and in imobile at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. If a viewer goes to to their website, a MDMH banner is at the header of the Ravalli Republic webpage. How long are we going to tolerate a paper which robs us of justice and prosperity? We are uncovering your propaganda, and misleading news articles.

To residents of the Bitterroot Valley: Cancel your subscription today, and refuse to purchase this rag in Ravalli County. Call Krisen Mueller, Publisher of the Missoulian Newspaper and overseer of the Ravalli Republic, and tell her she is too young to to to jail, and a first step is to consolidate the Ravalli Republic into the Missoulian. Then resign. Lets add criminal conspiracy, Racketeering, false information to police, and intentional defamation of residents in your "subscription area". Isn't money from Ravalli County tainted with injustice?

Publisher Kirsten Mueller can be reached at her direct line at (406) 523-5201 or at an email . She has been warned, as has Lee Enterprises about alleged criminal activity that the paper publishes, covers for, and gets paid to distribute to our valley.

We update this notion to alleged Racketeering.

The "Ravalli Repugnant" as exposed above, deserves none of our money, time, or written contributions in print or electronically. Do not Buy, Do not contribute, Do not advertise. You are wasting your money regardless, it is biased "news" and nobody reads it anyway. ""

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