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Hamilton Montana News - Ravalli Republic - Citizens Tell How they Feel about the Injustice Ravalli Republic Serves UP.

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Subject: The newspaper experiment
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 11:54:02 -0700

Dear Perry and Kristen, (current editor and publisher of the Ravalli Republic)

About a year ago, I tried to publish a classified ad for the second time for the county attorney and sheriff positions with your paper. The publisher left me with a taste in my mouth after being refused that the only thing that came out of my mouth was "disgusting". She no longer works there.

Recently that has happened again.

You two are better people than your predecessors, but the same output is occurring with the old staff. I really like the idea of uplifting news, however, there needs to be justice prior to this being implemented.

Perry, you recently wrote an editorial about two types of people in Ravalli County, those that can give, and those that need help.

I cannot stress this enough: by allowing injustice, your paper is contributing to the suffering of this area. By allowing the status quo, more Ravalli County residents will suffer because of your paper articles. While I understand that company bottom lines are involved here, hiding from the fact that your paper is kept in the black by financing by city/county governments is on your own backs, I am just saying that being a part of "We the People" taught us the extent of the intimidation, non-equal protection of the law, having the local police make a DVD of vehicle stops to laugh at victims (some were crying).

This video was shown at a local business, and was used for entertainment. We have a copy of this DVD full of law enforcement misconduct. It may be appearing in a theater near you soon.

Whole juries are seated in Ravalli County (and possibly paid in cash or favors) to convict victims of crime. This has happened in more than one occasion, to more than one person. People were threatened, trumped up with more citations to quiet them.

I have been threatened by an Attorney General employee merely for inquiring about our County Attorney, George H. Corn. As many as 10 laws could have been cited against the perpetrator in my case, and they pled to one disorderly conduct when they committed much more. There is no need to violate rights like this.

We now can approach this subject with calm and civility.

We lost what we thought was important, but we have retained our goal, and drive for justice for the residents here. For one "member" of the We the People group, there are at least ten victims who refuse to come forward. The Highway Patrol is still covering up this accident in Sept. 2007. Our Police Chief lied to Perry (Ravalli Republic Newspaper Editor) on the phone this November 3rd. as is indicated in his email.

One way or another, if your paper adds positive icing to this situation, more people are going to know of its invalidity. None of us attended journalism school, but in any community there are stories that must be written, and letters that must be published. Our group remembers how it feels when civil rights are taken away. It is a kick in the teeth, or like being knocked out of air. Thank you for allowing us to feel that way again.

May we suggest a headline?: State and Local Law Enforcement cover up accident

The way to make this area better, to contribute to justice, and equal protection under the law. Until that happens, none of our money, ideas, or influence in the area will be lent to your paper. We will tell all that will hear, and we are resourceful. We act in the Public's welfare.


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