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"By making a "point" we only get less justice!" More from the Citizens of Hamilton Montana

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In the Montana Distict #21 Court, Judge Haynes and Judge Langton preside.

It is the state court where felonies, and appeals from the Justice or County Court are heard.
Justice Court where Bailey and Clute preside are for county misdemeanors and small claims.


This is what the voters wanted at the last election when informally polled. Watch and contribute to this page. We are exposing the judicial nightmare that is Ravalli County and Montana.

It is encouraged that as many residents as possible observe the court proceedings in any Ravalli Court. Public viewing means these judges and JP's don't operate in the dark.

It might shock you to see non probable cause, leading witnesses, and giving away of justice by Judge Langton, and others. Being treated differently for sexual orientation, objection to local justice is prevalent in our courtrooms. Remember your freedom to speak, assemble, and petition your government.

The real question is: when will these justices throw anything out or think for themselves? I would be proud to see the day a county prosecutor is put to the fire or jailed for any misconduct in a court of law in Ravalli County. When evidence is alleged to have been tampered with, throw the case out of court.

A quick suggestion to your staff, clerks, and support staff: implement a system to track, and properly dispose of quashed warrants. Also don't issue false warrants. Have a system to independently double check if something is a crime, or must be written as a warrant.
======================================================== TRUST

System: truth, reliability, understanding, standardization, and tested. Implementing this system will stop the problematic arrest of citizens whose warrants are quashed (all requirements met and not needed anymore) and this information is not telegraphed to all three departments: Law, Prosecution, Judges.

Errors in paperwork should not result in a citizen being arrested, but in the removal with cause of any county employee found to be at fault for the mistake. The county can either implement this system, or continue to be named as Defendants in multimillion dollar lawsuits or be indicted. =========================================================

Our "Independent Judiciary" in Ravalli County:

Judge Reardon-Hamilton Municipal Court
Mr. Reardon is a former deputy county attorney from Ravalli County. He is fixated on his psyche of Marine Corps training. "Men" playing football, and any group of men are glorified, as is his training. This Judge has a 90% success rate of having residents of this valley paying for violations issued from the Hamilton Police Dept.

Our group has watched as Reardon has picked a jury to convict one of our members. As a Marine, Mr. Reardon needs to find a sense of duty other than the "system". This system has been kind to Mr. Reardon, offering retirements, and return. We are hoping that the next reitrement or is for the good of the community.

Without a doubt, based upon the other justices in Hamilton, The Honorable Reardon has the highest capacity as a justice. He just has to set his mind to it, and not take the easy, "deal" route.

While we think he should still think about his life after being a judge, we have high hopes for him as Municipal Judge in Hamilton, Montana. When the Police Department is fine tuned, and we have a decent city attorney, his court will be put to better use. Be ready Judge Reardon!

Justice Court Judge Robin Clute
Ms. Robin Clute is a former clerk to a Judge in Seattle, WA. She is also a former employee to George H. Corn, Ravalli County Prosecutor since January 1991.

Ms. Robin Clute regularly calls Mr. Corn for legal advice, and in so doing is compromised from being an independent judiciary.

Just like the Television show "Millionaire" Justice Clute has "lifelines" to call when she doesn't know what to do. This is all the time. Robin's lifelines all call the Ravalli County Attorney's Office.

The excessive bail is the word of the summer of 2009. Clute does not have a evident. We don't need a $50,000 question, we already know the answer.

Ms. Clute did refuse a order of protection to facilitate malicious prosecution by Mr. Corn. She should not be reelected in 2010. She barely won the last election in 2006 by only 2,000 votes.

If you own a firearm, this is good reason to vote for a contender in 2010 for this job. Justice Clute has taken the carry permit, and seized a firearm from a guide, without cause, or warrant. This Bitterroot resident can now not make a living due to this Justice or JP. Can a JP have this kind of power?

When a woman has been charged with a violent crime, and lives over 100 miles away, JP Clute wishes to punish, and take livlihood away of a Bitterroot taxpayer. Where is the logic when an order of protection is upheld against someone who was the victim? Welcome to the Justice System in the Bitterroot Valley.

"Substitute" Justice Court Judge Jennifer Ray
Ms. Ray is welcomed to the Ravalli County Justice system. We recognize that it is a very difficult situation to walk into, and we admire her apparent strength. Due process is difficult to re-establish in an area once it is washed away. Please give Justice Ray all due respect for stepping in to do work for Justice in Ravalli County.

It didn't take long for us to get the scoop on Ms. Ray. Turns out she was previously a clerk for Bailey, and has experience crafting a false arrest warrant for a member of ours. She was US Representative Denny Rehberg's treasurer as well.

This gives is the missing third link to all of our US representatives in Washington, DC. We thought Conrad Burns was scum, it apparently rubbed off on the other reps in our delegation. Ms. Ray enjoys giving injustice, so we are told in a letter, so she will fit right in.

The more the merrier, just another example of the system thinking that with replacement, shifting of personnel that it all is ok. I'm sure we'll find a nice cozy place for Ms. Rey in the US Justice System.

Just when we thought we had a real judge to bring justice, we get the "Bitterroot bendover" (this came from a business owner in Hamilton regarding employee embezzlement, and attempts at claims against employers).

Ms. Ray is best friends with Sheriff Chris Hoffman's wife, which would make her the ideal "independent judge" in Ravalli County.

Cozzy enough to be Hoffman's treasurer as well. Talk about shorting justice, all Mrs. Hoffman would have to do is "ask a special favor" of her friend Jennifer. When Ravalli County taxpayers are shorted of their rights in court, we all lose.

Justice Court Judge Jim Bailey
Mr. Bailey will do anything that Mr. Corn asks him to do. This is also a sample in Ravalli County of a non independent judiciary.

Mr. Bailey will issue a warrant for an arrest when a crime has not been committed, or when pressure is needed to be applied by the Ravalli County Attorney's office. Even when the judge knows a resident will be out of town, he does not hesitate to send law enforcement to a home in the middle of the night.

The best summary of Justice Bailey is that he will do exactly what George H. Corn wishes in his court decisions. If you catch him walking, chewing gum, and listening to music at the same time, he is having a good day.

Justice Bailey is throught to be former law enforcement in the State of California. In our community, we have to have someone more trained in legal matters, and is not on-call to Mr. Corn. See the elections page for office information, and run for this public office in 2010.

District Court Judge Jeff Langton
If anything would scare you, it would be 15 minutes in Langton's courtroom in the public benches. Best viewing times are Wednesdays at 9 am. You will see horrifying justice as the county attorney office is given most any request they ask for. If you know anything about justice, your will be breathless after a short period in this courtroom.

EXAMPLE: a 20-something suspect in custody was not allowed to work prior to his trial due to the County Attorney Deputy, or "state" saying he was a dangerous, multiple offender (4 Driving While In Hamilton's). His child support will go lacking, do to this hardened "criminal". Suffering by the mother and child. Here is an example of the 'new crop' of suspects and money sources for Corn's system.

Example #2: a second young man was remanded to the custody of the sheriff on Wed. 4/22/09. The defense asked for own recognizance or no bail, state asked for no bail. Guess who won?

The best part is Judge Langton's two DUI convictions by law enforcement who regularly testify in his court, and by prosecutors who dealt with his case. Can you say compromised?
Langton is up for re-election in Nov. 2010.

Please, lets do better

Jim Haynes, State District Court Judge
Jim is a long time forester, and a hockey player. Rumor is he likes his skates sharp. Not much is known about his willingness to play ball with Corn. If he wishes to stand up for residents here as an independent judiciary, it would be appreciated.

Due process is solely in his hands, as you can see, the other supposed independent judges are far from having the ability to throw things out, uphold the law equally, or otherwise think for themselves what decisions are needed to uphold justice in Ravalli County.

Tell us that knowing about the law enforcement practices, that any level minded judge would throw out at least half of the cases on their court docket.

Let us know if you have any information on Judge Haynes.

News for The Ravalli Republic (not a great source) indicate that this Justice did throw out a case on a technicality, due to what was thought to be a probation officer mistake of some kind. If this is true, we salute Justice Haynes for being an independent judiciary. Lets find one like him to fill the other department in District court. See Elections page on this site for information.

The Montana Supreme Court
The word on the street (unconfiirmed) is that a supreme court decision can be yours for a reasonable sum of $50,000. Not too much money for justice, is it! ""

Quoted from the Real News in Hamilton Montana

The Above Link, In My Opinion as a REAL Investigative Reporter,
The Above Site IS the Hamilton Montana News.

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