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"President Letter from Roy P. Pilkey was banned from the Bitterroot Public Library as well as the requestor "

More Excerpts from the Real News Coming Out of Hamilton Montana.

"" The President Letter from Roy P. Pilkey was banned from the Bitterroot Public Library as well as the requestor recently. Upon finding the American Library Association (ALA) they have a "Library Bill of Rights" which apparently Gloria Langstaff (director) feels does not apply to her library. Ms. Langstaff will make an appointment with the public, then ban them from the library, so to not uphold the meeting scheduled.

Montana Law is very specific: a library director has no power to take library access from a patron. Only in Hamilton, Montana does the Police and the Library director work together to commit crime.

according to Justice Brennan former US Supreme Court Justice: "Even the slightest redeeming social importance--unorthodox ideas, controversial ideas hateful to the prevailing climate of opinion..." was protected by the first amendment. BUT NOT AT THE BITTERROOT PUBLIC LIBRARY!

In the Bitteroot valley, you will be prosecuted for protected rights of free speech, going against the Montana Constitution and the US Constitution....we have no rights.....see GITMO press release at or on this page (see index at top of home page).

No policies regarding behavior are listed on the website: nor was any requests made to leave the library, or stop behavior.

Perhaps they are protecting the public officials who are violating our rights, and the public needs to take back their library, as well as local government, and law enforcement. We do this by running for & holding public office.

Please note: The Bitterroot Public Library will open late October 29, 2009 due to the need to train the staff on appropirate interactions with the public. They plan on learning on when not to call the police when a patron is peacefully assembled on the public property.

The director will learn Montana Law, knowing that an advanced degree is required (which she does not have).

UPDATE: We had a sighting of Gloria Langstaff, it looked like she did not see the light of day much. It comes at no wonder that the board lets her do as she pleases, she looks like one mean Bat. The other librarians in tow, looking extra special "going after" someone who was minding their own business, speaking or bothering no one, did not get asked to leave the library, and the director did a "positive identification" on the offender, executed a call into the Select Committee on Election: The Hamilton Police Department.

This is not a joke. We ask that those who wish to test their luck with fate, like the running of the bulls in Italy, ask for the President's letter from the front desk. If you can survive for 8 seconds, you can have a membership at this wonderful 1 room library. Embezzlement is amongst the fun we have in Hamilton, Montana at the "free" library.

Free to tax the county excessively, use volunteer labor, take estate gifts, and get free accounting, and lease (sorry, $1/yr) from the City of Hamilton. Maybe they should have been friendlier to a candidate for the office of Mayor. Once again, please stand by for our feature film documentary due out in September. BPL is toast. This of ccourse is a figurative statement.

Thank you for the defamatory comments on the August minutes Ms. Langstaff; these were published for 5 days on the BPL homepage. We wonder why you pulled them after our letter was delivered to the NEW chairman. Ask Donald Trump: YOU'RE FIRED!

see the letters page for our BPL letter to the chairman of the library board.

Did we mention that Michael Spreadbury has a great relationship with Stevensville (including their board)? We'll show you in our feature film on justice.

63% of total budget is spent on Administrator salaries, benefits, and pension.
only 1 in 9 dollars are spent on collection materials. (source: 09-10 budget)

Site of arrest attempt: Bittterroot Public Library commons, Hamilton, MT

The ACLU of Montana says that Librarians are tougher than the FBI (see ) One look at Gloria Langstaff, and no terrorist would want to see that again! At least the ACLU has something right!

We the People of Montana have made initial steps to request ACLU vacate the State of Montana. False advertising claiming to stand up for first amendment rights on Montana Public Radio advertisements. ACLU-MONTANA can find some other boobs to believe them. In another state.

freedom of speech was violated by the Bitterroot Public Library
Peaceful assembly at this gazebo on public property violated
threats to websites by public officials (civil, and criminal threats)
right to recall, not following Montana Law (right to petition government)
More updates: A prison library was set up by a church in Arizona within 6 months which had more books (donated), and a bigger space than the BPL; with volunteers!

The Bitterroot Public Library violates right to assemble, speak, to read, and enjoy a state sponsored right of a "free" library. The "5-year plan" includes:

expanding the 'program area' (this is the "romper room" area) for the children
is signed by departed chair Ellyn Jones and Gloria Langstaff on 2/17/07
The Bitterroot Public Library seems to not be interested in books, or adult learning.

The State of Montana has a library governing document which states that all policies are available to the public as per Administrative Law. Ms. Langstaff informs the Hamilton Police and brings banned books to them.

As per the ALA guidelines, no librarian can censure material from a viewer, or potential reader if not profane nor obscene. The "right" to read, the "right" to view (see ) has been violated by the Bitterroot Public Library Director.

If the first amendment is not important to our library director, we have found a new area to request our rights. Freedom of speech is being taken by our own public officials in a manner that is consistent with "organized" crime; prearranged understanding and involvement with local law enforcement.

The Bitterroot Public Library would rather keep their '08-09 budgeted $611,000 in the bank of taxpayer money (budget year '09-'10 has $513,000--so where did $100,000 go?).

The Bitterroot Public Library would rather not uphold their own policies, not provide any policies to the public, and be exclusive about what materials come into the library. No public service standards apply, nor any American Library Association guidelines and procedures. The public in the Bitterroot Valley deserve better, it will be so soon. Please run for County office----see the ELECTIONS PAGE for details.

These are our public officials, not answering to the public; making their policies public nor accessable, and not using our tax dollars appropiately. This is why we need to change our Valley by electing public officials who will work for us, instead of a "group", or themselves.

upon further research....we are proud to put up the American Library Association paragraph which supports our cause:

"We state these propositions neither lightly nor as easy generalizations. We here stake out a lofty claim for the value of the written word.

We do so because we believe that it is possessed of enormous variety and usefulness, worthy of cherishing and keeping free. We realize that the application of these propositions may mean the dissemination of ideas and manners of expression that are repugnant to many persons.

We do not state these propositions in the comfortable belief that what people read is unimportant. We believe rather that what people read is deeply important; that ideas can be dangerous; but that the suppression of ideas is fatal to a democratic society......

...Freedom itself is a dangerous way of life, but it is ours."

We the People will gladly add the Bitterroot Public Library as an entity that has refused to uphold freedom of speech, or Montana Law.

These are specifically spelled out in a Montana Library guidance document says must happen. An exemple of public officials acting outside the law. We will clean up our community, one vote at a time. ""

For Source of Quote and the REAL
Hamilton Montana News
Bitterroot Rising Archives

Full Letter to the President on Page 18

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