Sunday, September 6, 2009

Judge Robin Clute Gave Sean Boushie a Protective Order Against Me, Judge Hayne Denied me this Same Right.

Make No Doubt About it, Something is Very Wrong within
the Judicial System of Hamilton Montana.

Now I Have to Drive 5 Hours, Take Time off My Work to Go to a Hearing for my Stalker to Be Protected against me, has Judge Clute no Compassion, no Information, no way to get facts .. what is Wrong with the Ravalli County Court System.

They deny me a Protective Order weeks ago, and with my Proof in Hand, and then they Give Sean Boushie a Protective Order Against Me. Shocking, Corrupt, Lacking in Human Rights... ??

What could it possibly be, I mean the order was Flat Out Lies, Wrong associations, Crazy Information and no real proof .. and after he answered an email sent to the email address of my Death Threat. What is Robin Clute thinking, she is endangering my Life.. Shocking...

Gay And Lesbian Right Groups, Hate Crimes Advocates, the ACLU, Woman's rights, and more need to come to Hamilton and Speak out.. this Man saying he Fears me after he threatens to KILL me, well Shocking.. Can I prove he threatened to Kill me? I know he did, this is my blog, my opinion, my experience and yes there is no doubt to me, it could only be him that sent that Death Threat and there is a File in Lincoln County proving this, proving he owns the email address and Item Number 47, 51, 52 that Robin Clute supposedly has according to my Protective Order Should PROVE that without a Doubt, Sean Boushie sent my Death Threat and She Granted him protection against ME... based on his saying he was afraid.

I feel this man has threatened to Kill me, to Put me Down Permanently and did so on August 6th and I brought a file an inch thick with reasons why I felt this way and I was Flat Out Denied a Protective Order from Judge Haynes. I have a signed statement from him as to the Multiple Reasons of Why.

Why Should I have TO Drive 5 hours to a Court Hearing, Spend my Money and My Time.. to be subject to this abuse, this discrimination, this woman hating corruption?

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