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Caution: Cussing, and Well Foul Language in this Post to Say the Least.. Let's Explore this Email from the Mystery Person..

The Quotes from the Email are in Blue.

My Death Threat,

On August 6th 2009 I received a Death Threat from an Email Address, -

This email had plenty of other Nasty remarks and threats. It was not the kind of email whereby someone just told me their opinion of me or called me names, sparked by what is contained in my blog. It is a very hateful email. Many wonder why I did not just Delete the Email, the Thing is I have "someone" on my site all day from the U of M in Missoula Montana, it is Fact, it is on my stats and whoever this Mystery person is, they search for one Man's name all day, it makes no sense that out of 1100 blog posts that anyone would do this except for that man, however I am told by him that it is not him, so It must Not Be Him.

Another reason to not just hit delete was that this same person had a Hate Blog about me, and wrote on real estate review sites about me, these were lies, hurt my business and the same "verbage" was used. Leading to it being the Same Person.

We are Still looking for the Mysterious Identity of the University of Montana Blog stalker and the person who controls the email account ...

My Hate eMail Threat was the Kind of email that intertwined in and out of my life over the last 20 years, it was lies based very loosely in a reality of what I had really been through over 20 years, such as jobs I had 20 years ago, why I was transferred from certain crews at the Forest Service, where I lived, Who with and Lot's of other Tidbits.. NOT of Common Knowledge in ANY Way. In fact no more then One Person in the world would tie these particular facts into the same email.

This email Flat Out Lied about my Status as a Realtor, which I later found as a “Testimonial” on a Real Estate Site about me, obviously posted by this same person. Though they Defamed another person in Eureka and Put their Name to It. ( More on that Site Later)

There is this Quote from the Email.. in Blue

“Your all about truth, well why dont you tell everyone that you didn't quit the Realtors assn, according to Kathleen Schulte you were thrown out because you had so many fucking complaints against you!! You should know all about slimy Realtors you were one!!!! I know of at least one case that you moved the property pins on, I'm sure there are more.” - The Author, in my Opinion, My Stalker knows this because he was neighbors to the People who lied about these supposed pins being moved which I proved to the MT Realty Board around 7 years ago WAS a Flat Out Lie... Not Something 99 percent would know even was an issue.

The lie of saying I did not quit NAR but had so many complaints against me that I was forced out, well this is a big lie and my entire current career, real estate consulting and real estate writings are based on me quitting in the name of Consumer Protection.

And again the "private" email was not the only place he posted these false allegations.

I am Proud to Be a Real Estate Consumer Advocate and One Man’s Lies about me, well I have a Right to Defend Myself, I have a Right to Tell My Truth, to Prove my Truth and to INSTANTLY squash non-Truths about me.

This Death Threat Email Author claims he talked to the Head of NMAR and that what he says is True. Though It is not and I now have a statement from the NMAR supervisor proving this to clear my name as My Real Estate Industry Whistleblower blogs, exposing the injustice in real estate is my Now Full time career, along with Broker Consultations and Marketing Real Estate on the Internet. Because this person said this stuff on more then just this email.. there was a Hate Blog of his Own and a Post on Great Realty USA about my “Realtor” status. Much More on this Later.

So that kind of Real “Defamation” based on real lies that I can prove are lies, well that is the kind of Defamation that gets into Truth based Lawsuits.

Though My Stalker has accused me of Defaming Him, that is Simply NOT reality based. He is paid to watch my site all day everyday, he has said in court that he is moving to Eureka Montana Full time, so he must already be quitting his job, though he had a protective order against me out of Ravalli County.. yet moving here.. hmmm.. Anyway, Paid to be on my site all day, well it is not hurting his job, that again is Fact.

Here are a Few Quotes from that Email, I will not ever post the whole email as to what it says About Paul Stramer and other local Tax Paying Citizens that are NOT Reality based what so ever are Cruel, Untrue and Unjust. Once I got this email, well then I began to have conversations with Paul Stramer, as I had felt that Paul had a right to the information in the email and to know what was being said by him. From that Day, I know am being “defamed” along with Paul Stramer with deliberate lies, corruption, stories of greatly fabricated proportion.

The Death Threat Author Claims to have “Spoken” with Sean Boushie’s Attorney .. are you kidding? I have seen enough “Attorney” action’s in my day to know that there Is no way this is true.. here is that Quote.

“AH yes.. your latest piss off..Sean.. who is an idiot, liar, coward, and has a jack ass mouth.. but you have no idea what he looks like, where he lives, etc etc.. But yet you worked with him?? Hmmmm

I know him..and you.. as I recall you were the lazy one, you couldn't handle actual real work so you decided you were allergic to the tree marking paint so you could have a cushy inside office job., I also know you did not work at Murphy Lake the same time he did, I already discussed that with his lawyer, hope you got lots of money from all those people you screwed, or is it licked..?”

Many issues obviously arise from the above quote from My Death Threat, Hate Email sent to .. I don’t know what Sean Boushie looks like these days, 14 years changes people, I would not be able to pick him out on the street, just can’t do it.

Do you think an attorney would talk to some "mystery" person about whether I worked at Murphy Lake the same time as Sean Boushie, 14 or more years ago? I don't think So.

This Kind of Hate Crime, Harassment is Seriously Threatening and Is Illegal, and well it is time to bring in Human Rights Groups, Gay and Lesbian Rights Groups, Activists for Human Rights to stand up to the corruption that is deliberately letting this happen to me. It is time to Shine a Big Spot Light on the Corruption in Western Montana and How Far they will go, how deep this all is simply to Stop the Truth from Being TOLD to You Good People of Western Montana.

This Mystery “guy” says he knows Sean, He says that.. he has discussed “this” with Sean's lawyer. What? Does that Make Sense to any of you out there?

More on the Email Comments..

About the "Tree Marking" Comment.. There would be less then 5 people in the WORLD that would know about the summer of 1995 when I worked on the timber crew for one week and quit because of the paint, I then had another Outdoor Job still at Murphy Lake Ranger Station. No one else that knows this would know anything else in the Hateful email, in fact, half of that crew was from out of state and is long gone.

This Email Over and Over leads to ONLY one person that it COULD possibly be, without a doubt, no one else could possibly have sent it period. I have No Doubt IN MY MIND IT IS 100% Sure..Who Sent this Email, I will NEVER doubt it and that is Just My Opinion Based on MY personal Reality...

I have provided documentation as to Why I know it to only be One Person in the Entire world that could have Wrote the Death Threat as No one else new the things contained in the death threat, and in that sequence. No one else in the world would tie those “words and events” together in the same email. Only ONE Person in the ENTIRE WORLD, Period..

People may know bits and pieces of my life over 20 years but I don’t really have anyone in my life that I has known anything about me 20 years ago that would know anything about me Today. And especially these particularly sick things.

Death Threat Author Says this Quote..

“If you don't know why he hates Paul Stramer..figure it out dumbass. Go ahead keep pissing him off, hes the only guy that carries more ammo than stramer, Stupid idiot.”

Who would tie me to Paul Stramer? I had not spoke to Paul Stramer, had a real conversation with Paul Stramer until this Death Threat. So who in the World would put us together like this? Only ONE person PERIOD.

Now this Hatred and More that I won’t quote here where the Author says that he knows that Sean Hates Paul, this was why I was asked to Testify for Paul Stramer by his attorney when Sean Boushie was allowed a Protective Order against Paul Stramer Based on his Fear alone, no proof just fear. I have proof that Sean Hates Paul, there is no real proof that Paul has threatened or intimated Sean Boushie in ANY way, yet there it is a Protective Order.

I am now accused of Retaliating on Behalf of Paul Stramer for This Day, when it had NOTHING to do with me.

Now I understand that the courts have certain guidelines, however, I feel that I should have been allowed to “testify” and now Sean Boushie in his NOW Granted Protective Order against me says I harass him in retaliation over Paul Stramer’s TPO. Not True, I tried to get a protective order way before I was asked by this attorney to testify on Paul’s behalf.

My posting of the University of Montana Stats was simply to document my stalkers activity for my own protection, to provide Month after Month of stats where by Someone sits on my blog all day every week day and that the U of M Pays them during this time. This is Proven, Statistic Fact, and is Not Defamation.

I posted these stats to Protect Myself and now I am accused of Stalking of Defamation and Now after a Month of trying to Get a Protective Order, of Proof and More and more building weekly of who my Death Threat came from, now I have a Protective Order for ME to Stay away from him.. and he can come out of no where and legally walk up to me. This is Sick, Disturbing and Vile to say the Least, and We Pay these judges, this Law Enforcement to Serve us Up this Kind of Justice.

After a Ravalli County Judge, Judge Haynes denied my Protective order which a video was taken of that, and I have a signed statement as to Why Judge Haynes in Hamilton denied my Protective Order, Now a JP in Ravalli County has give Sean Boushie a Restraining Order against me. This order is based on saying my stats are defamation.. they are not… STATS ARE FACT..

This Orders says he, Sean Boushie has read my death threat and that he did not send it.. How in the World did he get a Copy of That? He claims that he got it from me when I replied and said I would not be posting anonymous information, I Do Not Believe this to be his First Reading of the Email.

A Few other tidbits on why I believe my death threat to have been sent by One Man Only..

There is only One Person in the World that would connect these particular stories, each sick comment is based very loosely in truth of my life over the last 20 years though the sick allegations are not for the most part true, they weave in and out of my life experiences from my Relationship, Job and Income potential at the age of 19 and up through the Paul Stramer connections which is only this One Man's letter to the editor that connected Paul Stramer to the Recall, discussed the Concealed Carry permit and unjustly lumped it all in with the title “The Recall is Wrong”… so 20 years ..

No one Else Could put this particular string of events together. No ONE

This Mystery Person Starts the Letter Like This..

"Lets see if you have the balls to post all of this email, you wack job. thanks for letting us know you have no balls BTW, I always wondered what you were...

Just had to let you know what a fucking joke you are to this town!! Do yourself a favor and check yourself into warm springs before the Feds do it for you Jesus Fucking Christ shut your stupid lying mouth!!! you walk out of the store and the entire place starts laughing, you are literally the joke of everyone! "

The Warm Springs Comment and the fucking joke, as well as the laughing, is also in a blog I believe to be the Same Man's Blog at - it could ONLY be One Man..

Also at that Blog is the Lie about me being suspended as a Realtor which is in the letter. THe author of that Blog is "sandptcl" which in Sean Boushie's protective order signed by him he demands I Stop talking about. If he has no connection to this search term then why is he bothered that I am talking about it.

That Blog Owner is the Same Author as the Hate Email to me, I have not yet confirmed the identity of the blog owner. However, You Will Note in the First Paragraph of Sean Boushie’s letter to the Editor in the Daily Interlake that Sean Boushie Says, “It Seems that at Least Some Members of the Lincoln County Watch Should Be Watched” hence Watch Lincoln County Watch as the name of his blog.

Also in Sean Boushie’s letter to the Editor he talks about creating fear, and about the “black helicopters” which is also on the Blog I believe was created by Sean Boushie, and that Blog owner says the same things about me and about Paul Stramer on that blog as in the letter from to

This is further evidence to me personally that this blog, is the same One Man - says some of the same stuff as the email to me from - this Blog was dropped IMMEDIATELY after a Justice of the Peace asked Sean Boushie if it was his blog and he said no. That same day, my mystery stalker at the U of M searched the internet for the Judges name and found my sites again, then searched my sites for that judges name.

This Letter to the Editor Started and Ended with an attack on the Recall, the Recall up until this current issue with Sean Boushie was the only thing Paul Stramer and I had in common. That Being supporters of the Recall of Sheriff Anderson. Not starting the Recall, or being on a Committee, But supporting it, and Paul's Concealed carry permit denial at some point became a point on the Recall, still he did not initiate the recall and it was not, is not ran by him or by me.. I simply Blog About it.. I Support It... Paul is simply one Supporter..

This Same person who sent my hate email, and has a hate blog about me gave me a Critique on a and used the same words, one in particular that most do not use.

Mystery Person goes on to Say, "Its really a shame you dont have guts to actually stand up and attack people in person the way you do online, that's called being a coward!!!! I wish you would it would be fucking hilarious!! "

The word coward through out this letter is another reason I believe it to be Sean Boushie, I called Sean a Coward on my Blog, that is my opinion and well yes I Said it.. not many call me a Coward, I mean I have my name and my picture out there, Coward is not one of the words I get called.

Here are some more lovely Quotes..

"Why don't you tell everyone you and your cuntlapper whatever were so fucking paranoid that you had to build a fortress wall around your house!! Poor Charlie is still turning in his grave over how you fucked up that place.. "

We built a privacy berm on our ranch we bought from Chuck Holly, neighbors called him Charlie, Sean did not like the berm nor did his father and they made that obvious to us. Knowing that a Guy called “Charlie” owned the ranch, and that he has passed away, is again NOT common knowledge unless you are a neighbor or have been here at least 16 years and around those in the know…

Mystery person goes on to say, "Oh ya, stick you privacy in communications crap up your ass.. go ahead and make your complaint, I'm sure the JP and the Sheriff are gonna do loads for you.. LOL. Anyone could do anything to you right now and you would be fucked! What goes around comes around bitch!! Keep your lies up dumbass. "

Sean Boushie in his letter to the Editor made a Public stand that he is on the Sheriff’s side in the Recall, and therefore he believes the Sheriff will do Nothing to Help me even in the face of him threatening to put me down permanently.

My Blog is Not Lies, it is that Simple.. It is NOT Lies.

more from the Email..

"Oh Brenda the cop... to bad you have no fucking idea what happened, theres much more that shes not saying that is going to get her screwed. I know.. but unlike her, or you I keep my mouth shut. Shes screwed, and your once again fucked.. well... maybe.. who uses the strap on? you or Leslie! LOL LOL LOL

I'm sure Stormy Langston is gonna do everything she can to help you... ya..just as much as Daryl is. "

And Some More.. Here it Is..

"At some point your going to loose it and we will have to take you down( yes that means just waht it implies) or somebody is gonna get pissed off enough to shut you up permanently, I hope I'm there to see it!!! Now get off that fucking keyboard and go kick someones ass!! Quit being a keyboard bully. "

Oh ya.. Lastly..FUCK YOU BITCH!!!

And use your fucking spell check! your grammar suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed: Owner of,

I have Web Stats showing that the Tech Department of University of Montana Goes to My Site a Whole lot, more then anyone, and this IP is tracked back to the the head of that department, Michael Bloom, University of Montana, Senior Enterprise Network Engineer, Network and Telecommunication Services. I have a Right to Post those TRUE stats and TRUE IP tracking from my Blog...

The Email Data of Origination is not Normal in it’s use of a Proxy, or Rolling (Fake) IP address and would require someone knowledgeable source to disguise the routing data. However, there is much more to Prove the Identity of the Sender.. Stay Tuned for That..

A Bit More About The Protective Order Granted To Sean Boushie after I was Denied for a Month Prior..

The order says that I have sent emails about all this to state officials and law enforcement, how did he get that information unless it was from a law official? It was not a secret our I would have sent them in a way that the others could not see, I had nothing to hide, though it is intrepretted that way. I sent those letters to officials to get help, NOT one responded, that is Justice Montana Style.

Sean Boushie's Protective Order accuses me of encouraging others to Harass Sean Boushie, this is a Flat Out Lies and he is given a Protective Order by a Ravalli County JP. I never encouraged anyone to harass Sean, I have a Life, that what no where near anything I did, I seeked help through the justice system ONLY. I was Denied.

The Order suggests that I am to Stop talking about Sean on my Blog and to Stop posting anything about my “University of Montana Stalker” , and of “sandptcl” – now folks if this has nothing to do with Sean Boushie then why does he want me to stop posting about that. I have a “University of Montana Stalker” – I have proved this with months of Web Stats, hour on hour with all the technical Details. And I have every Right to Post about “sandptcl” as that is the author of the Hate Blog about me and Paul Stramer.. here is that Link in case you missed it, see as soon as the Local JP asked him if he owned it, he, of course denied it and then well he dropped it the next day. But I have a permanent record for my own “Records” .. here is that link..

I Built this Page on "sandptcpl" as that is the name the Author Calls themselves, and the page is that blog, and the other sites connected to "sandptcpl" .

The Cached Version of this Hate Blog about Me and About Paul Stramer and with some of the Exact Sentences as my Death Threat, well it is still live here at this link..

All Sean had to Say to a Ravalli County JP - Robin Clute - is “I fear for my Safety” .. while I provided information, stats and more to a Ravalli County Judge and was denied a Protective Order, I was denied my Rights In Ravalli County and Now He is Given This Right Denied to Me by Judge Haynes in Hamilton Montana.

In Sean’s Protective Order he says, “Based on my current experiences and observations of Crystal Cox, my discussions with other in Eureka Montana, including several law enforcement and county officials. I believe her to be of questionable mental and emotional stability. "

What Do you think folks.. wouldn’t you just love to know which Law Enforcement Mr. Sean M. Boushie is talking with about how Loony I am?

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall to hear what these “mystery county officials” have to say about that Crazy Crystal Cox? Or is that even True? Did Sean Boushie Sign his name to a Lie? Nah.. it just can’t be.. Hey just make it up and the Honorable Robin Clute in Hamilton, MT will give you what ever you want, no matter what the REAL TRUTH is.

The Order of Protection Granted to Sean Boushie Out of Ravalli County Claims that I am connected with the Recall of Sheriff Anderson I Lincoln County and With the Recall of Chris Hoffman in Ravalli County. First of All what does this have to do with Sean Boushie’s fear for his safety, second of all I Blog, I talk about what the People are saying, The Recall is about a Whole lot of people and was not initiated by me, I have never even met the Attorney for the Recall Group, I am simply a Blogger.. ya know Kind of Like the News but True.

And I know nothing of a Chris Hoffman.. I simply blog about what others are talking about and am in no way part of a recall of any Chris Hoffman, I don't even know who he is..

The Protective Order goes on about Biological Fathers and The Lincoln County Watch.. and what does this have to do with Sean Boushie Fearing me, and the JP in Ravalli County Gave him this order, SHOCKING to say the Least.

It seems he is accusing me of writing the Death Threat to myself and forwarding it to him. As in Yahoo.. you can Call yourself anyone you want right? As In my email from “Jimmy Boston” the name and the email address ( much.. MUCH more on Jimmy Boston Later) .. the point is he called himself this name, he could have called himself, for example “Crystal Cox” and that would not mean that I sent it, Right?

Sean Boushie in his Order of Protection Signed by Him, and well Granted by Robin Clute JP, he claims to have gotten a Threatening Email from Someone, he claims I put that someone up to it.. well I certainly did not.

But the curious thing now that this is all surfacing is the Supposed Threatening email that was Supposedly to Sean Boushie, well it was not addressed to anyone from what I am told, and it was sent to - it does not take a super sleuth detective to figure out that Sean Checked that email, then he called the Eureka Police Department and filed a complaint against the guy who sent it, who used his real name, as real men do, and now that file has mysteriously disappeared though Officer McKinney has personally confirmed to me that it exists.

Now it is supposedly at the County Attorney and the Sheriff's discretion to Release it.. yet it is an "Item" on my Protective Order out of Hamilton as well.. Officer McKinney has stated that he did take that complaint. So where is it, what is based on, who has a right to know, certainly I do Right? NOT in Lincoln County Montana.

Last Friday Officer McKinney in Eureka Montana took a Privacy in Communications Complaint by Sean Boushie, this Complaint allegedly was against One Man who sent an email to , this was NOT to Sean, it was to whoever sent the Death Threat. Sean Boushie then surfaces and files a Privacy in Communications Complaint.

Who Would Check the Email ? And whoever it was, why would they forward an email to Sean Boushie from that Account, what would make the person think it was intentented for Sean Boushie, when his name was apparently not in it. Who in the world would assume it was to Sean and then forward it to Sean, and how did mystery person get Sean's Email?

Officer McKinney does not seem to put all this together, or does not want to or maybe knows “Jimmy Boston” and well now this One Man has charges against him for an email to NOBODY..

Lincoln County Justice System At it’s Best. Just’ don’t Get the Computer Stuff…

Judge Haynes and Judge Clute in Hamilton Montana really need to get “straight” on what qualifies someone to have a protective order? This is all very documented, very discriminating and well Your Going to Hear a whole lot more about it.. as this Human Rights Story goes around the World.

I am Telling the Truth..

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