Monday, September 7, 2009

In My Opinion Judge Robin Clute has Violated my Human Rights, Discriminated Against me and Put my Life in Danger.

I mean no disrespect to the Honorable Judge Robin Clute, However, I feel that I have been violated, disrespected and my life put in Danger. I feel I have been discriminated against and that Robin Clute has put my life in a very precarious place, now this Man.. this Sean Boushie who I have proved is Stalking me, now he can walk right up to me and yet I have to stay 1500 feet from him.

He is Dangerous, he has written foul threats online about me, he has threatened to permanently put me down, he has a Concealed Carry Permit. Sean Boushie Collects Guns, Makes Guns, Brags of How Much ammunition he carries.

Judge Haynes said if he was not my boyfriend, not a family member he could not give me a protective order. I was denied Protection in Ravalli County and now I have to go back there as if I am the aggressor. What is Wrong with this Picture? Do I have no Rights what so ever? Why?

Their is an Item on the Protective Order Issued by Robin Clute that claims there is an email from a S.M. - and that I put this guy up to that email. This email was sent, and Sean Boushie did file in the Lincoln County Courts over that. I certainly did not put the guy up to it. The thing is the Email was not sent to Sean Boushie, the email was sent to No One.

My death Threat came from the Email Address - this S. M. Guy sent an email to that account, telling that person whoever it was, the mystery person, the guy who threatening to Permanently Put me Down and bragged about his hatred and how much ammo he carries... telling this person what he thought of them. The next thing you know Sean Boushie surfaces and calls the local cops in Eureka Montana to file a Report against this guy.

Obviously the immediate question that arises is how did Sean Boushie get that email. How did he Check that particular email account, assume the message was for him and then file a report and why in the world would Law Enforcement let him file a report claiming he was threatened if he did not own that email account that sent me a Death Threat. And now my Protective Order violating my Human Rights, given by Judge Robin Clute, this order claims that there is evidence to this email that was given with the judgement, the request to be protected from me due to a claim of a fear of safety. Did Robin Clute get this email, is it in her file, this directly ties Sean Boushie to my Death Threat and now she has issued a Protective Order for Him, against me.

I don't know if Ravalli County Judges Hate Woman in general or if it is just me. I don't know if Judge Haynes was within bounds on local law, or denied me for political reasons NOT connected to me. I don't know if Robin Clute was in bounds within the law with giving her order of protection. I do know that She has stripped me of all rights, as I have to stay away from a Man I have not seen in 14 years, don't know what he looks like these days, don't know what he drives, and he has given Robin Clute Photos of me, he certainly knows what I look like and can legally walk right up to me. With This I feel violated in ways I cannot begin to describe and a Woman Judge, Shocking .. really shocking... No Justice ..

Yahoo can and will soon verify what IP address checked this email, it was certainly nothing to do with me. The Courts will eventually have to turn over Sean Boushie's report to someone and this will all come out into the Court System.

Until Then Judge Clute has left me helpless and I want you folks of Hamilton of Montana to know this, there is reports the day I was in Hamilton to get Protection, there is video and signed documents of me being Denied, and Now this.. the Honorable Judge Clute has given Sean Boushie Protection from Me, I have NEVER ever threatened to do anything to him, never been to his home, never been up to his car, never spoke to him. He harasses me, sends me cease and desist letter for talking about his letter to the editor on my blog, emails me hate, endangers me, THREATENS me and then tells a Hamilton Judge he fears me and he is Given an Order of Protection.

After a Month of Trying to Get Protection to protect me FROM Sean Boushie, after talking to Hamilton Police, Missoula Police, University of Montana Police and Being Denied a Right to Protection by Judge Haynes in Hamilton, in writing, and being denied a protective order in Eureka due to lack of evidence at that time.. now all he has to do is make stuff up about me, say he is scared of me and Judge Clute gives him and Order of Protection.

Now Monday Morning he will be back on my Blogs, stalking me and my only proof is to post those stats to show that he sit on my site all day every work day and is paid by the University of Montana to do it. I started posted stats 6 weeks or so into his stalking to prove he was. He searches things on my site like "sandptcpl" just to Threaten me, for this is the author of a Hate Blog about me.. at this link..

No One else would search that, and he does it to stalk and threaten me, Judge Clute must not know any of this stuff. the Question is what does she Think She knows about all this that she feels I am a danger to the man that wants to permenantly put me down???

He also searches his name all day, he is letting me know that I can't stop him and the University of Montana is paying him to do this. Now he claims I am threatening his job, WHAT? I told the U of M what he was doing, I proved a month of factual stats with their IP address and they have done nothing. I have proof of all I am saying and yet a Blind I is turned at me in a most shocking, outrageous display of discrimination.

I showed the Ravalli County Courts my Proof, what was happening to me, it was recorded in Video, I brought Stats, Proof of a Hate blog with the same wording as my death threat, proof of real defamation, proof a Realty site he wrote on in someone else's name and because he was NOT family they denied me a Protective Order.

Last Said this Same Court System, this Same County had me served.. Hate Crime, Human Rights Crime, and so much more... You have no Rights in Ravalli County Montana. NONE.

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