Monday, July 11, 2011

Montanistan - the Wall of Corruption in the State of Montana NEEDS to Be Exposed.

Law Enforcement in America is the largest organized crime ring in our nations history, 
Please check out this video from Lake Arrowhead California. Note the similarities that are taking off nationwide. This has been the norm in Montanistan for many years. 
Listen to the heartbroken father at the end, " When I see a cop". Listen to the result of the FBI, none. Our 140 pages of civil rights violations were sent to the FBI in Wash DC, Obama's staff removed the assistant Director to whom we sent it. I was called by a Missoula FBI agent and threatened if I complained.

I have been through all of this, watched people murdered, harrassed, arrested without cause, lost everything at the whim of the new cop mentality. We elect sheriff's, recall them if they are like this and have no control of their deputies. We elect mayors who are supposed to be in charge of these "Mayberry" cops, if they cant contol their people, tar and feather them, run them out of town on a rail.
These cops are still on the streets of America, and are held unaccountable because we let them get away with it. The ones in Montanastan are FBI trained, they are the worst I have ever had the misfortune to talk to.

Listen to the witness who saw the bastards taking cameras away from citizens who recorded the crime. Make a stand, No More! You and your children are next.
I would repeat again, if an officer is a good one, he is run out of the job  by the bad ones, they are framed for something, or they commit suicide. 
Where in the hell do they get these scumball, lowlife gansters?  They sure raise a bunch of them in Hamilton Montanistan. 27 Sheriffs deputies, 15 Hamilton Paid Police in a  bogus town of less than 4000 people. How can they look at each other and not vomit."

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