Thursday, June 16, 2011

NIH - Rocky Mountain Lab Hamilton Montana is Acting Outside of the Law and Endangering ALL Residents of Hamilton Montana.

Nuclear Disaster in Nebraska, In Japan - Are We Prepared at NIH Lab where some of the Worlds Deadliest Substances are Tested?

Friends and neighbors, Welcome to Hamilton Montanastan, the Bitterroot river valley, the last best place??
Hamilton exists to provide the services needed by the Rocky Mountain Lab, which is an NIH facility, a level four Biolab currently containing the most virile substances in the known Universe. Really bad stuff!
So you think there are experts on hand for Emergency Response, Hazmat, Fire Suppression, Security, Emergency Medicine, you know all the stuff you see on TV to protect the world from the bad guys and bad things???
This Level Four Biolab sits several hundred yards from the Bitterroot River, possibly in the flood plain, nobody knows where that is, and there are few if any rules regarding such. The lab dumps millions of gallons of water into this river weekly. The water is provided by the taxpayers of the City (unincorporated) of Hamilton, pretty much free of cost to the lab. Payoffs to local officials?? The water is used for cooling, flushing, et al that a facility of this type needs. 
Security is provided by rent a cops and a wire fence. The lab's motto is emblazoned on their cars, "Serving the public through Community Policing". People were hired locally called "Local Flavor", if you were a professional from somewhere else, you would not get hired there. The population of Hamilton is around 3700 now, the rats are leaving the sinking ship, patrolled by 15 paid cops. Thats right, 15 of Hamilton's finest at about 40 Gs a year, to do what?? The Sheriff of Ravalli, has 27 more equally inept deputies with 39 vehicles to complete the Security package for what must be considered a potential disaster of the worst kind.
Fire and Hazmat response is provided by the "Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department", 18 brave but naive people who receive no compensation for their service. NIH provided them with a 100 foot Aerial platform as a vital piece of equipment to guarantee the safety of the world. NIH gives money to the Ravalli County Commissioners earmarked as "Training Funds" for the HVD. The HVD is a separate department, not funded by the City of Hamilton, or the County. Remember, these guys are not paid professionals, the usual fire here, and there are not many, are "Grounders". The closest professional help is out at the Missoula Airport and US Forest Service, about an hour away on a good day.  The FIRST TWO MINUTES, of a hazmat or fire response are critical, after that, it's a goner. RML trots out a guy in a Hazmat suit and says, "See, we have it covered".
When the Level Four buildings were being constructed, there were no environmental impact statements that took anything of safety into consideration. I would guess that payoff's greased the wheels to do anything they wanted at the least cost. Jobs were given to many who went along with this. 
So what goes on here??? We know there are lab animals here, the fans on the roofs are beyond the EPA standards sending out the drone of low frequency sound on the border of a Bird Sanctuary. Questions about why there are no professionals here go unanswered. Similar labs across the US have full Fire houses with around 30 fire personel.
I think I would feel safer with the Nuclear scare, than I would with what sits in the RML, especially since it is totally unguarded. 
When I was a fire fighter for the City of Seattle, I did a lot of public speaking. People always asked "is this building safe"?  I would usually say, "yes, until you put people in it".
I think the people in the RML have put science ahead of humanity. 
Ignorance, greed and corruption, Welcome to the Bitterroot, the Last Best Place. 
Peter Pilkey, a refugee of Montanastan"

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