Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hamilton Montana Rape Victims, eMail me your Story.

I know your Afraid. eMail me your Story, the Cop who took the Report, the investigator, was there a Rape Kit done at the Hospital? Is Law Enforcement Further Victimizing you by Denying you YOUR Constitutional Rights?  Have Video, Documents, Proof.. - eMail me

I am Dedicated to Giving Voice to Victims Just Like You.  the LIE will not BECOME the Truth on My Watch. 

I know that the State of Montana has no respect for "Victims" and by Law, and with Protective Orders Corrupt and Not Mutual I know you feel helpless.  I Can Give you a Voice... Send me your Story.. do a blog about it at - do a Video .. load to send me a link.. tape phone calls.. Montana is a One Party Permission State.. if ANYONE threatens you over speaking out.. tape it.. send it to me..

the GHB Date Rape Drug was rampant in Lincoln County Montana, we ran a Sheriff Recall, have not got that many stories sense.. however I am getting Hamilton Stories.. none yet willing to be told, so if you are VOICE willing to speak out on STOMPING out Rape in Hamilton Montana, email me your Story..  I dont' take phone calls .. sorry..

your Voice is Important, your Experience Matters..

eMail me at

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