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Prosecutor William "Bill" Fulbright

In 2007 a press release was issued about Bill Fulbright's "award" for Prosecutor of the Year.  How much of an award is it when you nominate yourself within the Ravalli County Attorney Office in Montana?

Note:   Prosecutors of the Year don't violate basic rights, or not appear to "supervise" students.
[ANGELA WETZSTEON unauthorized student, unsupervised because Bill Fulbright did not show up]

We the People of Ravalli County
PO Box 416
HamiltonMT 59840

For Immediate release:                                                         For more information:
October 9, 2007                                                                      Bitterroot Rising Archive

Ravalli County Attorneys help themselves to Prosecutor award.
Nominate themselves, despite constitutional violations.

HamiltonMontana- Ravalli County Attorney George H. Corn, nominated William "Bill" Fulbright, a prosecutor from Hamilton as the Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (MCADSV) “Prosecutor of the Year”. 

Bill Fulbright has been a prosecutor in Hamilton for the past 5 years, according to Joel Gallob, reporter for the Ravalli Republic
Gallob does not site any other references besides prosecutors from the Ravalli County Attorney office in his story from October 8, 2007 published in the Republic.

Comment was not available from Kelsen Young, Executive Director of MCADSV from Helena, who gave the award Friday in Hamilton.

Bill Fulbright as Deputy Ravalli County Attorney violated the basic rights of a defendant in a case where prima facie evidence, that is, evidence to proceed with trial was lacking.  In a statement made to defense council Sasha Brownlee[1] prior to trial, Fulbright exclaimed that “… if this had been anyone but (Spreadbury) the case would be dismissed.”  This statement is evidence that Bill Fulbright does not respect the rule of law, and prosecutes with malice. 

Further this statement violates the Montana Constitution Article II section 4 with respect to equal protection under the law.  The same legal provision of equal protection is found in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Bill Fulbright Deputy Ravalli County Attorney demonstrated further evidence of malicious prosecution when he asked a county judge, JP Jim Bailey to violate rules of the court as they pertain to evidence. 
In a motion dated July 30, 2007 in State of Montana v. Mike Spreadbury case #TK 2006-3068.  Bill Fulbright asked a judge to break the rules of the court for evidence when he failed to submit discovery, a responsibility of the prosecutor on any case

When discovery is not submitted, that is immediate grounds for dismissal.  When Ravalli County is involved however, anything apparently goes. [Angela Wetzsteon was allowed to practice law unsupervised]

Dean Eck of the University of Montana-Missoula School of Law states that when a lawyer initially makes false statements to judicial officers, then they are liable for ethical breech of the Montana Bar Association.  Shawna Ryan, administrator for the Montana Bar in HelenaMT could not be reached for comment.
[Dean ECK was given a Presidential appointment to look the other way for Wetzsteon's conduct].

George H. Corn, the nominator for the award, asked the judge for the same evidence request (on the same day) when Bill Fullbright Deputy Ravalli County Attorney was denied on July 30. 
George Corn ’s version of the motion was accepted, due to making false statement of “severe injury” to the witness when in fact no medical attention was necessary as the witness inflicted damage to themselves:

"Evidence" produced by law student Angela Wetzsteon

Notice: the RIGHT cheek is scratched by equal-distant lines--like fingernails.

Note: Michael Spreadbury was standing to this woman's LEFT.

Note: No glass embedded, no medical attention needed,
just corrupt Ravalli County Sheriff October 10, 2006


As with his nomination for the prosecutor award, George H. Corn gets what he wants whenever he asks. Kathy Seeley, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Montana, and Josh Van De Wettering US Attorney in the Missoula office, in letters dated in April and September respectively state that George Corn has “wide latitude” in performing duties as County Attorney for Ravalli County, which seems to mean that he is above the Montana and US Constitutions.  With the State of Montana and the US Justice Dept. protecting them, an award is small work for George H. Corn.

A defendant’s 6th Amendment right to speedy trial was intentionally violated in the above mentioned case by the Prosecutor of the year, William Fulbright.  Initial appearance was on January 5, 2007 and 
Justice Court“trial” was on August 8, 2007.  Seven months is far greater than the 6 months required by speedy trial provisions.  This amendment was written by the founding fathers to protect against false charges, and their associated damages to the citizen.

Article II Section III of the Montana Constitution gives inalienable rights to Montana citizens.  The provisions are for a healthy environment, and to appropriately defend property. 

William Fulbright, and George H. Corn were petitioned by 10 Ravalli County residents in July 2006 in a community nuisance petition[2] to uphold these citizens right to a healthy and safe environment. 

The RCAO ignored the petition, and decided to prosecute without evidence, which violates rule 3.8 of the Montana Bar Association for prosecution without probable cause.  Preamble to the Montana Bar code of ethics is subsection (6) which states that the law should not be used to intimidate or harass individuals. 
Obviously the Montana Bar association rules, the Montana Constitution, nor the US Constitution applies to the prosecutors in Ravalli County

Can a lawyer who wins a prosecutor of the year award violate the basic protections available to Montanaresidents, and American citizens?  When RCAO help themselves to a prosecutor award it is mere peanuts in comparison to helping themselves to people’s rights.

(Bill Fulbright won election for Ravalli County Attorney in 2010 on the premise of protecting peoples rights--a classy politician really because Ravalli County has no rights to speak of, and Bill Fulbright is not bringing Ravalli County any closer to America and the guaranteed, protected rights in constitutional documents--its still cash for crime).

[NOTE: See PG. 29-41 of Justice Archive top of for all Press Releases]

[1] Brownlee Law Firm  Hamilton MT 59840  406-363-1777
[2] Community Nuisance petition dated July 2006 is on permanent record at the Ravalli County Administrative Building
215 S. Fourth St. Hamilton, MT 59840 Regina Plettenberg Administrator

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