Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who is MMIA - Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority - What is MMIA up to with Your Montana Tax Dollars?

What Exactly does Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority do? This MMIA Corporation seems to protect Montana Corruption, why? Not really an insurance company yet saying they will fund lawsuits, though the guilt of who they are protecting is obvious and easily proven.. Why is this? Does MMIA know that they are protected.. that the Montana Supreme Court will stand behind the Corrupt in the Montana Government branches that they proclaim to protect. ..

Do you have any information on the REAL inner Workings of Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority? If so please email me an MMIA Tip?

It seems to me that this Montana Corporation that Protects Montana Corruption . has lots of secrets.. and around 80 Million Dollars of your Montana Taxpayer Money... and while you are losing your Montana Home and your Montana jobs.. they are investing your stockpiled Montana Tax Dollars and Using the Proceeds to protect the Corruption in every city and town in the State of Montana...

MMIA Liability Program
What is the Truth behind this Montana Entity that uses your Montana Tax Dollars to make big money and great jobs for the FEW paid for by the Many..??? And why does this Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority liability program defend those who break the law in Montana and whose wages to break the law are funded by your Tax Dollars as well..??

This is Big Money, Big Insurance Connections and something you NEED tons more information on.. this is your money.. and is spent on taking your Constitutional Rights over and over in the State of Montana.. Knowledge is Power..

Link to MMIA Montana PDF Documents..

Much More on MMIA Coming Soon..

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

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