Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Judge Robin Clute - Near $70,000 a Year Plus Perks and Is NOT basing Decisions in Montana Laws and Violating Our Constitutional Rights

Clute base pay: $53,518.35 (some longevity pay included)

15, 922.00 benefits

total: $69,440.35 US [Ravalli County taxpayer money]


Judge Robin Clute gave a man I feared my life from and still do, Judge Robin Clute Hamilton Montana gave him a protective order against me.. no relation to me.. and this Protective order was Not based in Law of In Fact, though Robin Clute - Hamilton Montana Judge could easily have proved who threated to kill me and proved I, Crystal L. Cox - Montana Investigative Blogger was in danger.. she would not admit PROOF of a Lincoln County Complaint by Stephen Mocko.. that proved my aggressor controlled the email account that sent me the death threat.. Judge Robin Clute - Ravalli County Montana could have got proof from Google, Yahoo, Craigslist - or other sites I gave her.. she could have got information in minutes.. but Chose to Defame Me, to Endanger my Life and Get no proof.. and this Protective Order with the Only Motive, to Shut up Montana Media, to Silence an Investigative blogger on Corruption in Ravalli and Lincoln County Montana..

If Judge Robin Clute - Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace was to Busy, too Lazy, to discriminating.. or did not know the Montana Laws that applied to my case.. the very least she could have done.. if she had not been told, in my Opinion by Corrupt then Ravalli County Attorney George Corn to shut me up. . and backed by Corrupt Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy, who to this day denies me the proof he has of WHO has access to the email account that threatened to kill me.. Anyway.. The Least She Could have done was made the protective order Mutual..

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