Monday, November 15, 2010

University of Montana Death Threat Stalker Still AT ME and On PAID Time - Judge Robin Clute DOES NOTHING !!

Judge Robin Clute Used Web Stats from the University of Montana that I provided to PROVE Sean Boushie was Stalking Me and the U of M was paying him to do it, Judge Clute used those Factual PROVEN - Technical Stats to Say that I was Stalking Him and gave Sean Boushie a year protective order from me. He said he was afraid of me THOUGH he threatened to Kill me.

Judge Robin Clute did not Subpoena Yahoo or Google, She has not subpeoned YouTube, Craigslist or the Hook Up sites that I Provided Facts on. Judge Robin Clute DID not do one thing to PROVE or DisProve that Sean Boushies threatened to kill me, was harassing me and defaming me... INSTEAD she protected and enabled him to continue doing so for a Year protected by her Corrupt, Illegal Protective Order.. Based in NO FACT, no LAW and NO REAL Fear.. not based on a Marriage.. a Relative or anything in Montana Law.. but only on Judge Robin Clute not LIKING Michael Spreadbury and well Sean Said I was connected to Spreadbury and she ate that up.. oh and well she was doing the Dirty work of Ravalli County Attorny George Corn and Lincoln County Sheriff Daryl Anderson.

See Judge Robin Clute has protected this man to Ruin my Business, Defame me, Set up Hate Groups against me, set up blogs threatening to burn me at the stake - arrest me - put me a nut house, threatening the FBI, lying about my NAR Status, and creating constant stress and chaos in my life and 90% of this Defaming, Harassing and Threatening Behaviour is done while Sean Boushie is at work at the University of Montana. I told their Top investigator Jim Lemcke over a year ago and he Has DONE NOTHING to protect me.. and this is a HATE Crime - is Illegal - is Defaming and has been daily relentless for around 14 months now... ALL protected by Montana Corruption.. My Blog on all that is - this is What Judge Robin Clute does to People who tell the TRUTH - you are NEXT...

I have been innocent the whole time, and only writing what was going on.. I am the Media Writing the News.. and well Judge Clute set me up for it. .though Ravalli Republic lies and defames constantly and seems to be protected .. hmmm GUESS that is because the Lee Newspaper Chain HIDES corruption for PAY..

So Monday Morning - Nov. 15th 2010 and Sean Boushie is At Work at the University of Montana - Still Stalking me, and watching every move I make and Still paid by the University of Montana who will be SUED one day soon for what they allowed to happen to me, my quality of life, my health, my company.. So far this Early hour here is todays Web Stats from this ONE site. .he is on many others.. CUZ apparently thats his DAILY JOB at the University of MONTANA .. commiting constant Hate Crimes..


"15th November 2010 07:54:49 Page View

15th November 2010 07:55:40 Page View

15th November 2010 07:56:52 Page View

15th November 2010 07:56:57 Page View

15th November 2010 07:57:01 Exit Link

15th November 2010 07:57:08 Page View

15th November 2010 07:57:10 Page View

15th November 2010 07:57:12 Page View

15th November 2010 09:15:50 Page View

15th November 2010 09:15:59 Exit Link
15th November 2010 09:16:01 Page View

15th November 2010 09:16:05 Exit Link

15th November 2010 09:16:10 Page View

15th November 2010 09:16:34 Exit Link

15th November 2010 09:16:40 Page View

15th November 2010 09:16:50 Page View "

Search Engine Phrase
sean boushie
Search Engine Name
Search Engine Host
Host Name
IP Address


University Of Montana

Visit Length
1 hour 22 mins 1 sec

You Can See that he clicked on my Email.. Will Let you Know when he emails me HATE again.. as well he is so Scared of me HE threatens me constantly.. THESE are Technical STATS.. they are Proof for anyone with a BRAIN..

You Can See he Clicked to Comment and the Sites he went to. .this is Facts folks.. same facts I took piles of to show the Corrupt Judge Robin Clute and she used it against me.

he Continues to Stalk ME.. Harass me.. email and even call my clients and contacts to constantly harass and defame me and Judge Robin Clute - Hamilton Montana Protects him to DO IT..

Judge Robin Clute has Ruined my Life, My Career, My Quality of life and all because I said Rape Was Wrong and Exposed Corruption within Montana Law Enforcement, Newspapers, Montana Commissioners and... I am Collateral Damage and this happens to Victim after Victim who Montana Judges Like Robin Clute and Montana County Attorneys Do every day to Set the Victim up to look like the Criminal to protect the Corruption in the Law Enforcement, Protect Friends and Keep up the Wall of Corruption.. and well there are thousands more like me.. and those are the ones I Expose all this for .. to show how Montana Corruption works to Set up the WRONG Person to PROTECT Corrupt Judges like Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana...

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