Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ravalli County Guilty of Fraud Against the Federal Government?

Folks We intend to Prove Fraud against the Federal Government by the City of Hamilton and the County of Ravalli. We intend to provide plenty of proof for a Federal RICO and RECOVERY Lawsuit as well with Proving Pattern and History in the Financial - Criminal Activity of those "in Charge" of the Money flowing through Ravalli County Montana.

Are you a past dispatcher, clerk, accountant.. - Got a Tip on the City of Hamilton or the County of Ravalli "Cooking" the Books? eMail me at

Ravalli County stealing Assets with those now famous Deed Changes ... on top of Tax Fraud - Corrupt Grant Money and soooo much more We Intent to Prove as Well Bankrupting Ravalli County May just be what is needed to Stop the Blood Sucking Corruption that Feeds on Innocent Victims of Crimes Unprosecuted, Set Ups, Economic Terrorism.. and more on the Innocent that Lose their Money, Quality of Life, Health and all they hold dear just to protect Lies, Deceit, Greed and Corruption.

Oh and Don't Forget. .Tons of Proof on as I will personally be suing Ravalli County for Harassment, Life Endangerment and Defamation.. One Day Coming Soon..

So Whatia Got ? - Let Prove Mass Financial Fraud and Illegal Activity within the UnIncorpated City of Hamilton and the Corrupt County of Ravalli in Montana...

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