Saturday, November 28, 2009

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To Our Readers
If you are an American citizen you were born with certain unalienable rights. Those rights are now under direct siege by a rogue Federal government which is demonstrably involved in the destruction of our way of life, our freedoms, our social/cultural institutions, our economy, our religious heritage, our system of self-governance, our homes and families, and indeed our cherished U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

During the past four White House Administrations much erosion of our personal liberty has occurred incrementally. President Obama today is not using any tools which were not previously put in place by former Presidents G.H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and G.W. Bush. But hidden facts from our history show that this push to destroy America began long ago and has been planned and executed over many generations, largely by stealth and misleading legislation within our system of governance.
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The Montana Messenger seeks to share that hidden history with our readers, while publishing current issues and movements affecting the quality of our lives as Americans.
Both major political parties are party to, are even complicit with, a globalizing push to take America down from within and prepare our great nation for assimilation into their planned one-world government.

The two major parties speak of “peace, prosperity, and freedom”, but they both are bringing only tyranny and economic slavery. Both major political parties are involved in making America subservient to the United Nations’ global government, which already has a World Court, a World Bank, a World Peace-keeping force, a World Trade Organization, and is now openly calling for a World Currency.

All of this is a direct assault on American sovereignty, without which we shall be mere “world citizens” and our Constitution and Bill of Rights shall be evermore subservient to a higher authority, which sits even now in European banking-sponsored offices overseas. To fight this, Americans need unbiased reporting of hidden or suppressed facts and knowledge. We intend to provide just that. This paper is for readers who want to know what has been withheld from them by other media.

Like the Red Tailed Hawk, The Montana Messenger will bring truthful messages which will assist readers in seeing through the distortion, spin, mass hypnosis, and outright deception of main-stream news sources. The Montana Messenger flies free over America and is not caged by corporate, commercial, or CFR-contrived mandates. We actively invite all patriots to contribute, donate, and subscribe to The Montana Messenger. Pass this paper to family and friends. Know a patriot? Gift her or him with a subscription to The Montana Messenger. Your financial support shall insure that your good neighbors, your family and friends can access truths not offered by other media.

Being a truly independent national newspaper originating in the proud State of Montana, and knowing from experience that financial pressures often lead to compromised reporting, we at The Montana Messenger are in need of public support for this paper. We are grass roots Americans. We think grass roots America will want this newspaper. Help prove us right. Subscribe to freedom – subscribe to The Montana Messenger today!

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