Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ravalli County Sheriff

"Our Ravalli County Sheriff, Chris Hoffman was featured as the guest editorial writer in the weekly publication, The Bitterroot Star in today's edition. He rewarded a lifetime wife-beater with rehire into the Ravalli County Sheriff Office. This region of Montana is filled with hypocricy and injustice. Deputy McConell is a living symbol of all that is wrong in law enforcement in Montana, under the guise of stopping domestic violence.

As a 2006 victim of Suporters of Abuse Free Environments (SAFE) in Ravalli County Montana, it is difficult to keep hearing these public officials endorsing the rights of victims when they are the ones taking victims rights in their day to day abuse of US Citizen's civil rights in Montana.

Local control means no control of our destinies when corrupt public officials in Montana know they can take anyones rights at their choosing and make them the ultimate victim--of a system that is locked from public control. The more I review Roy Pilkey's spring 2009 letter to the President of the United States concerning Ravalli County (available at the more it rings true. We have no free press, no rights, and no way of changing the situation. Our very own Gitmo; ranked 48th in the nation for justice and no intention of improving the lives of any victim in Montana, be them in Ravalli County or any other in this state. Victims rights week (or white ribbon week) ends this friday, Oct. 16.

One of these days we may break through to everyone enyoing constitutional freedoms, as well as domestic freedoms. We all have to do our part, which is speaking out about our statewide problem to justice in Montana, and wondering why an Attorney General who is ivy league trained would threaten someone who is attempting to expose these problems we all face in Montana. This is not your run of the mill corruption, it is well protected and established. Until it is toppled, we all are victims to it in our state.

Michael E. Spreadbury, Hamilton, MT"



  1. Why dont you ever comment about the good things cops do... Because I know the Sheriffs Office does a lot of good... Everyone complains about something until they need it... I don't know why I am even typing this becasue your going to delete it before anyone else sees it.

  2. You Can Write on this Blog if you Like, email me at I don't know good in Hamilton, I know there are good cops and they have a VERY tough time in the GOOD ol' Boy Network doing the right thing.. there are Many good cops.. I Agree.


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