Thursday, September 17, 2015

The State of Montana Unethically, Unconstitutionally, and illegally uses PROTECTIVE orders to flat out STOP the flow of information, to STOP anti-corruption bloggers and to aid and abet corruption in Montana. The Bill Windsor Case is nationally highlighting what the State of Montana does to it's prey (those who dare to tell the Truth about Montana corruption).

The State of Montana is acting completely outside of law and the constitution of the United States of America and this is not the first time.

The State of Montana does this SAME THING, this same way to any blogger who dares to expose corruption in the State of Montana.

Blogging is a constitutionally protected activity, yet Montana courts uses unconstitutional protective orders to shut down blogs, stop tweet and STOP the flow of information online that reports on corruption in Government in the State of Montana.

The State of Montana all parties should be indicted and sued in civil court as well to expose this behavior and to STOP it from happening from this day forward as well as paying large amounts of money in judgments against them for who the State of Montana has selectively prosecuted and whose human rights they have violated in the past to protect corruption in the State of Montana and to protect the University of Montana.


I was approached last week by a TV crew that wanted to know if I would support their efforts to film my trial. I told them I would be delighted.

I understand the producer is preparing to file a motion seeking approval. Here is some of what was shared with me:

"The Defendant, Mr. William Windsor, is documenting public corruption, and he has done an excellent job at it. For the last three years, he has documented and shown corruption at all levels of Government, and that apparently has made him a target by those in Government, particularly those who are engaged in mal acts.

"I am concerned with what I am seeing in this case. Mr. Windsor is apparently being prosecuted for a tweet made on Twitter? My education in Law School seems to tell me that this is an issue that is clearly protected under the First Amendment. Why this is even being prosecuted is beyond me other than as retaliation.

"Further, Mr. Windsor has demonstrated that there is a reasonable chance he was not the person who even sent the tweet (which again is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution). So, it's questionable whether probable cause even exists. In fact, it's a likely violation of the First Amendment.

"I have read some of the information that Mr. Windsor has provided on Sean Boushie. I am concerned about the actions of Mr. Boushie which include countless threats against Bill Windsor and his actions which amount to flagrant intimidation and retaliatory statements to Mr. Windsor.
According to the facts stated by Mr. Windsor, it appears that on occasions Mr. Boushie has suggested that he was going to kill Mr. Windsor or has outright said he would.

"It appears that several Montana Courts have overlooked these allegations and have not even held a hearing into the validity of the allegations that Mr. Windsor has raised. If all that I have read is true, it would appear that the Courts have no interest in curbing this behavior by Mr. Boushie.

Again, at no point in time has the Court acknowledged this or taken judicial notice of the allegations by Mr. Windsor. This is outrageous.

"So, it appears that Mr. Windsor is being prosecuted to assault Mr. Windsor and/or protect Mr. Boushie, and justice is not the end game. This is one of the pure instances in which a camera is certainly needed.

"The Defendant in this case needs a fair trial, and it is well-established that videotaping a trial keeps people more honest.

"This is a significant case. What seems to be at stake here is not only Mr. Windsor and his livelihood, but the many hundreds, if not thousands, of people he has videotaped over the years.

If he loses his case, then their ability to have their stories told to a wider audience will likely be affected. This is a sad state of affairs that many tax-paying Americans have been harmed due to the actions of government actors, and it appears that someone wanting to fix this great injustice is going to be attacked to keep this from being made aware to more people."


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